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The Tractor name comes from the usually used term for agricultural machines. The visual object on the screen is representative of the axis of a tractor engine. The center of the engine axis. The audiovisual narrative in place characterizes the behavior cycle of Tractor which can be metaphorically compared to the behavior of a Wasp, thus assuming it's organic and non-linear changes in speed, rotation and movement. This non-linear behavior is shown by the visual deformations that Tractor assumes along the 3:30 minutes. The sound is being used to drive the narrative. It's not only representative of what is visually happening in scene but also suggestive of what is happening inside Tractor, in areas that are not visually "open" to the viewer such as the central cylinder of the object (or the Wasps heart). I t progresses from an atmospheric sound scape that sets the "mood" in first part of the visual piece to a second moment where the extreme sync takes place representing what is visually going on. The extreme contrast between different shapes and forms reveals what Tractor is in it's essence: a spatial and temporal distortion machine.



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the fukc? AE need to lawyer up.


these dudes might as well have just put the gantz graf video up & slapped their name on it. how could you even be satisfied with yourself as an artist after so blatantly copying another work like that? :nope:

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the fukc? AE need to lawyer up.

Think more Alex Rutterford would need to lawyer up, audio wise it's more akin to something like Phoenecia
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The funny bit is this


joined onedotzero 08



Coz it's precisely the festival that got title sequence made by Rutterford with ae sound.




Based on this coincidence i would suggest it was deliberate hommage, though the uploader's replies to comments say otherwise.

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Autechre need to sewe. This is an unconscionable trouncing of their legal rights as artists within the United States of America, the land of free speech and intellectual property. I suggest they go to their homeland of Texas to make sure their patent on Autechres™ is upheld. Sorry Roberto and Shawniqua, I wish this didn't happen.

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It's not that hard to make an abstract 3d model with shapes like that and then throw it through some distortions/displacements, add a glitchy sounding electronic soundtrack, sync up some of the changes and you could have many versions of this kind of thing pretty easily, especially today.


What made the original good was the quality of the animation, the timing, the music, and it was generally more original/inspiring back then.

This thing pales in comparison, and its description is a bunch of hot air.

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Guest bitroast

cheap bootleg gantz graf.

i feel sorry for all the kiddies out there who will be getting this for xmas instead of the real deal come christmas time from misinformed family members and parents... " what the fuck is this shit ??? i mean.. it's great. thank you, vey progressive and innovative music video.. i love it"

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I'm more concerned about the kiddies that will see this family-friendly made-for-TV-movie child-proof ersatz and not realize they were missing the pinnacle of synAEsthetic cinematic IDM experience. I will pray for their salvation via video comments section.

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