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Deadpool's Vintage Synth Soundtrack


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With the recent release of Deadpool, the film's soundtrack composer Tom Holkenborg (aka Junkie XL) talks about the vintage equipment used:



Having now seen the thing, i dispute that his soundtrack has an '80's revival electronic sound', in the strongest terms. It could have been incidental music from The Matrix Part 3, not striking, not intresting.


Still perhaps when i see the film, and if it doesn't cause me to skim ("omg, naked early 90's digital synth pads repackaged with 'big cinematic cliché from today', halp mine ears"), we'll see.

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Did not watch the video before seeing Deadpool but definitely expected more synth-oriented music.

There's one really good track who got me really nodding my head with fat synths à la 180dB tho (fits best with the movie, there might be spoilers in the lyrics, did not check it myself since I don't understand everything in the track so beware) :


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