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We already have this thread with a pretty negative title and this other thread, but not a proper Footwork general thread. So yeah, a thread for


posting old + new tracks

sharing your stash of RP Boo unreleased tracks

posting vids of dudes actually dancing to this stuff

complaining that you still don't get it / footwork is shit


and most of all


asking for track IDs (the eternal struggle)








sounds like an aural form of Attention Deficit Disorder, combined with derivative & overly complex drum programming, that replicates the internal dialog of someone with Social Anxiety Disorder who's also listened to too much material by Mr James et al, and i say that generously


awaits Spanner's display of vitriolic positional loyalty to the cause, so in anticipation - "the relationship between & an individual & a social norm is a cultural process" (Hodder, 1982).....you did ask after all

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Can anyone ID the first track in these videos:





1. About 99% sure it's by DJ TJ

2. It's obviously a track for the Universal Animosity crew


Past that, don't have any info and would really like to find the full track. One of my favorite Isley Brothers flips ever (and that's saying something).

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I don't mind it but don't listen to it much to be honest. I think the way Mike P and Planet Mu went off dubstep was weird but I guess its a label that seems to represent one man's taste. Still got mad respect for Mike's music particular Jake Slazenger though.

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