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Anodyne - Nothing Lasts EP (AF003)


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AF003 Anodyne - Nothing Lasts EP (Mr76ix remix)

Ltd Ed Vinyl, Lacquer Mastering
300 copies, Hand Numbered
Releases: Middle April, 2016
A1 Reflections of a Broken Soul
A2 Before Chaos
B1 Gone
B2 Reflections of a Broken Soul_Mr76ix FixtSoulMix
Release Details
Dublin’s Colin Cloughley lands on Analogical Force for the 3rd drop. Anodyne needs no further introduction, the Skam fiends among you may remember his name since the 'Save A Prayer' remix on Mask 500 some years ago or listening to Rob Hall playin’ his tunes systematically. Besides Skam Colin has released a slew of records on Combat Recordings, Yellow Machines or Acroplane and some of his tracks have been remixed by his personal heroes such as Autechre, Plaid, The Black Dog or Funckarma among others. We're very pleased to bring you the new stuff.

“Nothing Lasts EP” deals 3 tracks of abstract electro/IDM, hearkening you back to classics from Gescom and early Ae. Solid breaks and sky-scanning esoteric synthlines sure to elicit a shiver of melancholy and emotive nostalgia. Anodyne put a lot of thought and attention-to-detail in his music and draw on influences outside of the standard Detroit/Kraftwerk axis in order to make their music distinctive from others, check it out.

Closing the EP, probably one the most exciting dancefloor weapon left on the Skam books, Manchester’s Mr76ix, relaxes tension turning ‘Reflections of a Broken Soul’ into a deep acid mutation, sprinkling sweet playful melodies in a shiny Windowlicker-styled 4/4 feel.

Hand-numbered and limited to 300 copies as usual. Don’t sleep.

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      ©+Ⓟ Analogical Force 2021. Copyright Control
      Mastering by Carlos Koschitzky at Koschitzky Studio, Gijón
      Design by Acid Hazel, Berlin
      Distributed by Clone, Rotterdam
        P-line: ℗ Analogical Force  
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