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I've taken the time to tune Harmor to play some Colundi Numbers


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The past couple of days I've been fairly influenced by the Colundi Sequences and I wanted to figure out how on earth I was going to be able to play any of it. So I took the time to tune Harmor in order to do so.




Basically I just adjusted the frequencies on Harmor while using a tuner. Sounds simple, but it took a couple hours to do so. I determined the frequencies by looking at the number chart in this interview with Aleksi (http://www.residentadvisor.net/feature.aspx?2567) and I just fiddled with the numbers until everything fit in a nice pattern. I've made a scale of 16 notes and I finished 6 octaves worth. It's about 99% accurate (Harmor has slight limitations where I can place markers on the map, but it's very close) and if you want higher pitches, increasing it with the freq knob keeps it fairly accurate. The freq differences are negligible and for the most part I'm not worried about it.


I have no idea if Aleksi actually follows those numbers or not, this is just what I did for experimentation.


I've put a link on the bottom to the preset plus some midi to help map out where the "C's" and "G's" are. If only 16 note keyboards existed (they probably do, Idk). I was pretty thorough making sure there weren't any bugs or anything, but anything is possible.


If anybody has FL Studio and Harmor have fun experimenting!



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Don't have FL Studio but this is interesting and something that I have been thinking about trying recently. You recorded anything with it yet? 


Good question! Both of these tracks were made with that old preset I made:




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Yeah I just tried opening the file with Ableton and no dice. Curious to take a gander / hear the note progressions


That sucks dude, I'm sorry. Wonder if it has to do with file formatting or something...

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