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Mark Pritchard - Under the Sun LP

Rubin Farr

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Ha ! I remember Warp said that his 3 latest EPs would be released just before a new LP, but it never came...Glad to hear that news even tho I'm not the greatest Pritchard/Harmonic 313 fanboy.


Also, this :


featuring collaborations with Thom Yorke, Linda Perhacs, Bibio and Beans.


is interesting !

Did not expect an "ambient" track like this one coming from him but it's good nonetheless :music:


And I love the artwork ! The a e s t h e t i c s are strong with this one !

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Just noticed how vapor-y the artwork looks (especially the portrait).
If this is any indication of vaporwave hints in this record I'm very looking forward to hear it !

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track is really nice (early Warp idm style ) but the Vaporwave/Render Aesthetics graphis are very annoying, I mean its allready overused by so many artists and labels for years now
for example:


cover artwork is great do !

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Guest bitroast

is it referring to the afrika hitech album ?

the guys got a lot of EPs and stuff here n there so not entirely sure.

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God if that whole record is anything close to that.....wow big Jesus!


In the press release though it says this is his first solo album in 5 years. What was his solo album 5 years ago?

guess they mean this one


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Guest bitroast

yeh. africa hitech album is 5 years ago but isn't a solo album ( unless the production credits is leaning on solo ? ). either way, the answer doesnt seem clear cut. lol "" IDM MYSTERIES""

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I think that Harmonic 313 album (and accompanying singles) was the last thing by him I bought, I never really got into the Africa Hitech stuff.


So I've just noticed the first track on the new album is this from a few years ago, fantastic way to open an album...


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I think that Harmonic 313 album (and accompanying singles) was the last thing by him I bought, I never really got into the Africa Hitech stuff.

Ditto (of all those points)


Last think I heard him do of something I liked was -


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the Harmonic 313 is the strongest stuff I've heard from him. the Warp EPs under his real name are kind of hit and miss, although some really strong tracks in places e.g. GHOSSS-SSS-SSS-SSS-SSS-SSS-SSS




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Whatever happened to that new Reload album he was supposed to release on Warp years ago? Last I read, he was taking a lot of time off to dedicate 100% to it, but it seems nothing ever surfaced...


Excited for the new album though!

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From a past press release around the 3eps coming out it said Mark was retiring all his solo aliases and would be releasing only as "Mark Pritchard" going forward.

Perhaps this is the "Reload" LP we've all been waiting for...

If the lush ambience of ? and Sad Alron are any indication...


Either way. sooooo psyched for this.

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