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Milieu - ZEN: Original Video Game Soundtrack

Mellow U

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Hello WATMM!


This one's been a long time in waiting, but it's the kinda stuff I think you'd enjoy. Bouncy braindance, originally commissioned for a minimalistic math puzzle game on iOS (which is still available to play, if you like).


You can check it out here: https://milieumusic.bandcamp.com/album/zen-original-soundtrack-recording


Also, for interested parties, I've just kicked off a new series called PLANGENT LIQUEURS, which will compile all of the hours and hours of Milieu remixes from the last decade. The first two volumes are now out!


Also also, I'm running a quick sale this weekend only, it ends midnight on Sun-Day, March 13th EST. ALL THE MUSIC AT MILIEU MUSIC AND RECYCLED PLASTICS IS 20% OFF, digital stuff, CD-Rs, tapes, everything. Enter SPROING at the checkout and watch those moneys roll off...


Finally, any new first time orders that come in as of today will receive one of three (or maybe more than one!) new exclusive samplers.


Dig it!





Your pal Milieu

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