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Borderland (Juan Atkins & Moritz von Oswald) - Transport


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Juan Atkins and Moritz von Oswald will release a second collaborative album as Borderland on Tresor on April 24.

Transport will be preceded by the Riod 12″ on March 11, and forms part of the Berlin label and club’s 25th anniversary celebrations, which will see a number of gigs and one-off releases from the Tresor family.

It follows the first Borderland album from 2013, where the duo updated the template of minimal Detroit futurism for a contemporary audience.


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I gave the first Borderland album another listen and it's better than I remember. i think at the time I was expecting these two greats to combine Megazord-style and re-invent techno once again. What we got instead is some exceedingly subtle and masterfully produced detroit-by-numbers with some incidental basic-channel style rhythmic flourishes. I'm a bit more up for album no.2 now but I'm not exactly counting down the days.

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it's pretty damn lush


sounds lush


Troofs spliff bro & spurs bro Just threw this on and was thoroughly chilled, gonna replay it right now in fact :music: Never bothered to check the first Borderland release - flew under the radar even tho I'm a huge fan of both these guys - and then no one was exactly raving about it, so... anywho this funkin delivers, damn fine harmonization of signature stylees on display

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