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Ok you swines, if you wanna go mental with savage noise and gabba kicks as a hard as your boner when you see a chick, you NEED

Brad Striker's Keepin' It Fuckin' Basra remmeber to keep a loo roll in the frezzer for 45 minutes. You'll need it.


people who want nice music this isnt for you, if you wan horrible music this is very much for you!


with out anymore talk.. WTFJIMMY RECORDS present to you...Keepin' it Fuckin' Basra







here is the album ZIP



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Guest unlimited  cock

keeping it acid fresh, and keeping it holocuast, and downloading bradstikingamatch

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thank you.



possiblly my next Brad Striker Ep is out on wrong music's WEb-Lab label


and on one of there 2 compolation features a song i wrote for 'Basra' but shitmat stole it for the wrong music comp. which was originally beat55, but as it's coming out on hard cd then i wasnt inclined to use it... so you'll have to wait and check it out when the cd comes out. the other comp features sub merge



so brad striker =

Road Rash 2 Remixed!


look out!

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