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I'm really liking this: https://www.mixcloud.com/Stavorius/

Not just because he was kind enough to feature me and other internet pals of mine, but there's great music in there by obscure bands I'm not familiar with and may never find otherwise. Stavorius makes some nice music himself too.



Some great mixes on there too, put together by Fredd-E.


Good mixes here too: https://www.mixcloud.com/ParanoiseRadio/

I loved the instrumental Odd Nosdam mix on that one.

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I've not long put my first mix on mixcloud,




It's noisy drones and ambience and techno weirdness. All straight from my record collection, I'm a vinyl only Dj.


I'm working on 2 more mixes that will follow soon.






https://www.mixcloud.com/ProgressiveDeepSounds/ has live electronic sessions and DJ mixes (Underworld at Coachella is already up there)



Exactly what it says on the tin



Pretty awesome regular podcast / mix series of obscure electronic sounds

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    • By shruggit
      Hi gang, I would like to share with you all my jungle mixtape... it's got classics, its got acapella, its got rolling basslines, no it hasn't been very well mastered or EQd but lots of love and hell of a lot of time went into it, thanks and hope you enjoy, heres the link + tracklist:
      DJ Food - Fungle Junk (1995)
      Kid Lib - Jugglin Set Speed (2013)
      Bay B Kane - Mother Earth (1995)
      DJ Nut Nut - Back To My Roots (1995)
      Plug - Back On Time (2011)
      Intense - The Dreamer (1994)
      Lemon D - I can't stop (1995)
      Ray Keith - Special Technique (1996)
      Nasty Habits - Shadow Boxing (Om Unit VIP) (2016)
      Omni Trio - Renegade Snares (Foul Play VIP) (1995)
      LTJ Bukem - Horizons (1995)
      Adam F - Circles (1997)
      Sully - Flock (2015)
      Nut-E-1 & Teknarchi - Tuneful (1995)
      Novelist - Incredible Freestyle
      Nine Inch Nails - The Perfect Drug (Aphrodite remix) (1997)
      MTS - Assembly Line (1995)
      Macc - If... (2005)
      Babylon Timewarp - Changing (1995)
      Origin Unknown - Valley of Shadows (1993)
      Spirits from an Urban Jungle - Prologue to Freedom (1994)
      Lemon D - Manhattan Melody (1995)
      E-Z Rollers - Walk this land (Lock Stock full length mix) (1999)
      Alex Reece - FVR (1997)
      Double X-Posure - Go with the Flow (1993)
    • By phudoshin
      Hey folks.....
      Emerging out of the WATMM #massive #meetup back in Houston, Texas at Day for Night festival... myself, Kattin2, and WhitleyStriber are now doing a weekly hour-long radio show using the Discord app, in the original dfn channel, no less! (After all, this is how we met, too!)
      WhitleyStriber's awesome tech skills allow us three, as admin users, to play tracks in the  #snareup voice channel and talk about them.  Watmmers can listen live, comment in the lobby, and even contribute/join in the waffling if that suits the flow of the show... we can unmute you and allow you on to contribute in a free-flowing harmonious we-are-all-in-it-together vibe
      We waffle on about all things electronica/idm and play tracks - usually about 3 or 4 each based on the theme of the show. We have a theme every week.
      Unlike many other podcasts we play old stuff and well as new, live exerpts, long tracks, bootlegs etc. We mention gigs attended and upcoming too, new releases etc.. in "braindance news"
      * www.snareup.com takes you to the discord lobby channel
      * Locate the discord voice-channel "radio-show" and join in to listen to the show
      * We will monitor the lobby channel chat for allowing interested listeners to contribute tracks or join in the chat.
      * we can unmute you if you want to add something  - but you will have to put a youtube/sc link in the lobby text channel so we as admins can queue it up
      6pm Eastern Saturdays
      11pm Greenwhich Mean Time

    • By Sepix
      hey watmm,
      i`ve been doing idm`ish/braindancy mixes lately. here`s a link to the third mix in this series. it features 15 tracks that are very dear to me.

      cheers, sepix
    • By Test Fforet
      Hi guys,
      just stumbled across the Mindcamp Mixcloud with Sets from the 2014 Event.
      Four Sets so far: Kettel, Roel Funcken (who is Dj Mindcamp i think), Shourai and Dj Eazm.
      I love some Kettel now and then. Not many new Tunes, but solid Kettel stuff.
    • By Joyrex
      Thanks to Npoess' suggestion, I've added MixCloud support in the Media Tag, so now to post a MixCloud mix and have it embedded in your post, all you have to do is copy and paste the URL like so:

      Hopefully an HTML5 player version will come out, and when it does we'll update to that so it loads faster.
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