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our new album by David Morley is out now:

‘The Origin of Storms’ is a series of purely synth based tracks inspired by the music of Conrad Schnitzler and consorts.












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De:tuned guest mix on We Are Various by David Morley. David made a 60 minutes mix of what he’s enjoying listening to these days. WAV had a talk with him about his work: past, present and future. Read the interview here: bit.ly/3lLYnUD



01. Tangerine Dream - 2nd Side Piece 2 (Virgin)
02. Steve Reich - Music For Mallet Instruments, Voices, And Organ(Nonesuch)
03. Aphex Twin - #4 (Warp Records)
04. Konrad Schnitzler - Red Dream (Conrad Schnitzler Self-released)
05. Mika Vainio - Stratostaatti (Sähkö Recordings)
06. Kraftwerk - Uranium (Kling Klang)
07. Scanner - Daylit Daylight (DiN)
08. Locust - Lust (Apollo)
09. Daphne Oram, Andrea Parker, Daz Quayle- Trepidation (Aperture)
10. Brian Eno - I Dormienti (Opal Records)
11. Craven Faults - Deipkier (Leaf)

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