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On 5/27/2022 at 1:47 AM, toaoaoad said:

Didn't really get into it until a couple years ago and I consider myself a diehard fan.

Knowing that it might (/will almost certainly) take years to really get an autechre release might be the defining sign of being a diehard autechre fan.

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Since I never know which part to pick when I want to listen to Elseq or NTS I just listened to all of them in random order (coincidentally NTS 4 ended up as the last one). I *think* I can now reliably identify at least elseq vs. nts lol. As someone mentioned upthread the use of (at first impression) quite simple static sounds is quite unique to these albums compared to their earlier ones (of course someone could prove me wrong with numerous examples ;)). Also noticed a lot of unapologetic aliasing sounds (like you would have a patch and then increase the tempo/speed 100x and basically everything you can hear is just aliasing effects of what the patch is doing way above 20khz).

And latentcall is such a banger, damn...

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NTS finally clicked with me this year after many listens. it's a fantastic feeling, maybe better than liking something right away...

Elseq really clicked for me during the beginning of the pandemic, i would go for my daily walk with some good headphones. gr8 group, ae.

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There are numerous tracks on elseq that I absolutely love, and enjoy more than the majority of NTS or SIGN/PLUS

however, to this day I still cannot shake the opinion that it is overall “less than” / weaker within the more recent material. 
it’s just not a cohesive document 
the highs are extremely high, but there is too much that makes me wish for tighter quality control. Meanwhile NTS is long as all hell and yet with rare exception nothing seems to overstay its welcome.

perhaps I am in the minority on this though 

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