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elseq 1-5

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I was listening to "c7b2" this morning when my nine-year-old walked in, listened for a second and said, "That sounds like farts." I guess it's time for her to have her own WATMM account. They gro

Yeah, if anyone had bothered to open their NTS boxset they'd know there's a turntable in there too

oh thank God

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Maybe you are right Blank


Whats the track where the last 30 seconds sound like the whirring of a flying saucer? That's a bloody stroke of genius, that made me grin. Brilliant :cool: 

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else-q 1 and 4 are my fav. My contention is more with tracks that are 23-27 minutes long that sound like subtly changing parameters in max patches, a few plinky plonks with no progression, that are getting near universal appraise. And then reading that I prefer a sick album like Syro only because of idolatry not because I actually enjoy that music more.



obligatory :derp:


edit: I know spi didn't say of what I just said. I just haven't had mah coffee yet.

Hate syro; sounds like fruity loops (super boring). Love mesh and elyc6 (epic, oceanic), so there it is...the division bell.

Fruity Loops bashing is as old hat as AFX/ae bashing.

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I feel that Autechre has their own sense of humor that is more deadpan and subtle so you have to dig it out a bit.


TBH, the older I get the less I like Aphex's sense of humor. I used to love it but now it's starting to feel just snarky, cynical and purposefully edgy. If I want "fun" music I go with Vibert or Ceephax.

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i kinda wanted to refrain from this cos it's kinda just too obvious / cliché but fuck me elseq 5 is giving me serious tron (82 ofc) vibes, especially spaces...


i remember how the monolithic / blank / dark nature of the "sky" inside the computer conveyed this curious combination of endless vastness and claustrophobia at the same time which freaked the shit out of me as a kid, this is what elseq made me feel all over again. pant-shitting alien beauty!














ps: ready for soundboards now, kthx!

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I've never really understood how people conclude an artist is taking themselves too seriously just from the music. Surely you can only infer that from interviews? From the couple of elseq interviews i've read, it sounds like ae are having a fuckin blast at the moment. Didn't they liken their current system to gta at one point, saying it's just like fucking around in a video game and seeing what comes out. Is an artist automatically taking themselves too seriously if they're not making happy tracks? 

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just realised i probs shoulda explained myself in original comment to rid any questions but:


bcoz (and not 2 knock the lads) these live sets seem to be more rigid than the other tour (AE LIVE stuff), like i went to 2 of their shows this tour and ive also listened to other bootlegs of other dates, and they all have a formula of ~32 minutes = heavy descending bassline thing (u know which bit im talkin about), ~45 mins = cathedral chords and ~55 mins = 4/4 stuff with what sounds like knocking on a massive metal sheet. they must have timepoints set up for those transition bits coz what they do is all procedural, dont think they sit there with a timer going "right, when this reaches 32 minutes im gunna switch to descending bassline bit". with AE live it sounds like a lot more is able to be moved about within the set


id still buy the shit out of it tho

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Ok so i always love when the normie bystander comments on my music, especially of the Autechre flavor, but this happened this morning and i'm still smiling..


I was pumping gas and had c16 deep tread (fave from elseq, those fuckin twangy snares are just uughhhh) blasting from an open window (apologies, i'm sorta the type that enjoys showing unwilling people what i listen to) and a truck pulled up on the other side, some early 40's white-collar dude


After a while he's like "man what kinda stuff are you playing?" so i laughed and said "oh it is a bit a loud sorry, it's a group called autechre". Then he asks where they're from, such interest catches me off-guard. So i tell him and he's like "it sounds like this kind of techno...club...dark..." and i interjected "yes! It's like death techno, pretty experimental stuff" and he says "yeah i kinda like it"


I told him to look em up, have a good day, and then i left. I'm realizing encounters like this give me some of the purest feelings of joy anymore. He may have gone and listened to the whole album, he may have forgotten the name as soon as i left, but like at least he knows that song exists ya know?


In conclusion: death techno  :cool:

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Well, I played some Autechre to a colleague and now he thinks I listen to music that sounds like the office coffee machine.

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lol yeah that makes me think of the AMA when sean said some guy came by his place to fix something and heard what he was working on and asked something like "do ppl just get high in their rooms and listen to this?" lol


tried searching for the proper quote but couldnt find

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