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Someone asked what will be the first track of Elseq with its own thread. I’d like to propose Latentcall.


Why? It’s almost 15 mins of glory. I think that if his track was on say, Exai, we would write poems about it. People would cherish its monstrosity, length, grooviness, lush pads and shifting nature. Some could call it even the next Surripere.


Latentcall starts as a regular post-Exai track. It has a great rhythm to which heads constantly boob, and it has flickering melody with pads of Exai provenience. It's all pleasantly engaging. At over 6 min mark things start to change. The rhythm collapses. The beats are slowly dying. Pads and keys take lead. The machine is falling asleep. Mood sombers and gets melancholic. The melody - wait a minute, is there even a melody there? It seems so, but it’s really discrete and not immediately obvious. The pads become less artificial. They sound like even being played by a human. Technology however, is never too far away. Around 11 mins , simple beat comes in. The machine has returned. The rhythm has been reborn. At this point, the track gets ecstatic. Beat covered in deep reverb drags melody into itself. The beat has this wobbly feel that I loved so much on Irlie get 0.

Finally, both beat and melody slowly merge loosing its intensity and becoming more distant. The machine let it go and it starts to dissolve and melts away into darkness. At the end, there is nothing. Only thing that remains is silence.


A true masterpiece!


Thank you AE

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lantencall, to me, is much better than surripere.

it's like going back to the '94 live at Brixton Quirky

and messing with it exai style.

i've waited too long for a dance track so satisfying from Ae.

elseq is an absolute masterpiece.

latencall is a huge fucking cherry on top...

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I agree with everything here and yet its not even my favourite track on part 4 (infact dont think it's even my 2nd favourite!)


Which just goes to show how stellar this whole thing this!

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Is it Autechre's best beat they ever made?






No, because that's either Pro Radii or Sublimit. But it's up there.

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Is it Autechre's best beat they ever made?






No, because that's either Pro Radii or Sublimit. But it's up there.

Obel is a sexy lad

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Is it Autechre's best beat they ever made?






No, because that's either Pro Radii or Sublimit. But it's up there.





Actually there are plenty of Autechre beats that are better than elseq because elseq isn't really an album about the beats imo. There's basically nothing on there that has strange polyrhythms or otherwise particularly interesting drum patterns. That's not necessarily a bad thing as I think the strength on elseq is the melodies, textures and sounds in general rather than some reliance on overly complex rhythms. The rhythms are simplistic in a refreshing way, but I still don't think they hold up as the best beats the boys have done. One could easily look to Unitlted, Draft 7.30 and several others for that sort of thing.


All that being said, latentcall is really really good.

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Latentcall was my instant favourite, but still have not listened propely (proper stereo etc)... But I do not see it on top of my beloved Surripere yet. Currently I'm eaten by the dark beauty of 13x0 step.

But still, it's possible latentcall could become king of all music tracks in existence.

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