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Pye Corner Audio - Stasis


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New album release, more info as it becomes available.





Lost Ways


Sleep Chamber

Ganzfeld Effect

A Chance?

Electric Eye

At the Heart of Stasis

Transformative State


Ways Regained

Pulse Threshold

Verberation Lab

Mountain View

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Had to block his twitter feed a few weeks ago. Guy is obsessed with talking about politics and the EU. I'm interested in him as an artist, I've no inclination whatsoever to hear about his political views.

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i'm loving this album. it actually sounds like the head technician is building upon themes and ideas established on 'sleep games' especially on songs like 'vorsicht' and 'pulse threshold': but the whole album builds really well and steady like a slow awakening heartbeat.


i've only listened to it a few times today but (maybe?) this is better than sleep games- which i thought was one of his best efforts.


highly approved!

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