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Some of you guys have liked my stuff in the past (Skinemax and Memorex) and I just finished a video I think WATMM would be into. I've been working on this double feature VJ mix with my editing partner for the past 18 months, lots of music in the WATMM wheelhouse and some pretty insane visuals synced up to boot. It's 80 minutes long, and def don't watch this if you're seizure prone, otherwise enjoy!




Turbo Tracklist:
HBO 1983 Intro
Mr. Oizo - Hun
Actress - Image
Stephen Farris - Pepper
Jean Michel Jarre - Zoolookologie
VHS Head - Camera Eyes
Phono Ghosts - Suntan Spies
Harold Faltermeyer - Fletch Theme
Oliver - Light Years Away
Tiger & Woods - Gin Nation
Solar Bears - A Sky Darkly
Beyond Tracklist:
Franco Micalizzi - Stridulum Theme
VHS Head - Farewell Africa
Gatekeeper - Serpent
VHS Head - Angels Never Sleep
Madlib - Gentle Pilz
ADR - Sidewinder
Public Image Ltd. - The Order Of Death
Fluorescent Grey - Gnoble Door Moo Rig Rig
VHS Head - Frozen
Trust - Bulbform
iamamiwhoami - Goods
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This is just awesome! I love your work, I think I watched Memorex 10 times. Thanks so much for creating these works!


Thanks so much, really glad you enjoy them!

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