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Hey WATMMites. I periodically make megamixes out of music I like, and I think many of you may enjoy these; multiple tracks or portions of tracks are layered over one another to recontextualise well known music or to create new tracks all together! here is the latest one I've put together:



Sometimes these are more strictly themed, such as this 'All Aphex Soundcloud Dump' set I put together early last year:



I've uploaded 7 so far which you can hear at the following link if you wish:





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Here is the latest DJ set/megamix! As before I am mostly iverlaying track in novel ways, using the bassline & kick from one and the mid/upper range of another. 



Slaughter Mob - Dun Weapon

Gescom - Viral Rival (Rmxd By Ae)

Slaughter Mob - Fireweaver

Brothomstates - Yoaoshk

Skream - Losing Control

Kodomo - Concept 11

Aphex Twin - 1st 44

Michael Fakesch - From Crocut

AFX - choirDRILL

Giorgio Moroder & Raney Shockne - Memory String (Plaid Mix)

Autechre - 6IE.ER

Autechre - Pen Expers

Spitradix - Lisloughrey

VHS Head - Craven Hacked To Pieces

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Played a set in June at the release party for Hydroplane's new LP in his backyard. Here is the result:

Featuring (in order):

Nina Simone - Brown Baby (Mr. Roque Mix)

Clark - Superscope

Datassette - Gravel

Seefeel - Hive

Boards Of Canada - Buckie High

Kode9 Vs. LD - Bad

Richard Haig - Are Libertarians Just Closet Incels?

Digital Mystikz - CR7 Chamber

Plaid - Stills

Autechre - Sublimit

Nymphomatriarch - Blood On The Rope

William S. Braintree - Random Computer Jargon

David Last feat. Christina Chatfield - Obligerant

Boards of Canada - Nothing Is Real

Push Button Objects - Non-Existant (Keyed In By Gescom)

Clocolan - Let The Future Be Unknown Again

Some wonky transitions here n there, but overall captured the vibe I was going for.

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