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What Kind of Reverb Do You Think is Used in SAW II?

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Would you say the reverbs on SAWI and SAWII were so similar to consist of the same five reverb types in the Quadraverb?


"Of course special mentions have to go to akg 68k [so lushlygrainy and some nice granular features],quadraverb, quadraverb is dark and muddy and has nice arrangement of subtle pitch shifting, delays into reverbs etc, can be setup very nicely if you spend the time with it, used on all tracks on SAW1.

but can be recreated with other units quite easily but thyre cheap as , so..
just did a quik test on QVerb last week here, this is just din sync dr110+quadraverb , circlon, so u can hear quadraverb in bit diff light, not got many files on this laptop." -Noyzelab interview

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alesis verbs ftw


fuck yeah


I've acquired both a Midiverb III and a Quadraverb GT in the space of a month, I think it's time to put them both to good use :D

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Midiverb II is my favourite piece of gear. super lush by default. most of my tracks demonstrate copious amounts of midiverb II


Quadraverb has a completely different sound, (at least from presets). I have not made friends with it yet.



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