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Nice! Hope it'll get a digital release as well. Because looking at the weme bandcamp, lots of the catalogue is missing.

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Will definitely get the digital version of this (and basically anything else he releases).

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Any chance you've seen a tracklisting? Weme site doesn't seem to have one.


I'm really hoping that madrid track is on there

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I had assumed that this 3LP was going to be a compilation of the upcoming tape series, but it looks like that stuff is still a way off? Im glad I put the money down on it now.  Instead we get a nice collection of all his digital only tracks pressed onto vinyl for the first time.

So it's the Rhythmi EP and Absolute Dave, the digital exclusives from Vol.1 and Time EP along with a couple of soundcloud/new tracks. Quite a hodge potch, the title 'Trax' is very apt. Interested to see how it flows as an album, there as some great tracks on there.

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