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Touched Music

Syl Kougaï - Showcase

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A Night Of Music From Syl Kougaï

(Hear His New Track From Touched 3)

Syl Kougaï is a French electronic music producer who lives in the south of France.

He composes radically chiseled electronica with very unique sounds. Elaborating them with extreme demands, he has the passion for complex synthesis and deluding acoustics: Molten steel squirted above organic rhythmic structures, acid drops instilled inside food of modulations, bended titanium basses, endless rope mechanism triggered inside the skull.

Syl Kougaï has released his third full studio album ΙΧΘΥΣ in a joint effort between the well respected labels Schematic Records (USA) and Hymen Records (DE). Described as « Immense and warped » by the Stalker RadioShow and selected as the best album of 2015 by DSPH Sounds, Dmute.net, LostinSound and Touched Music, it is no exaggeration to say that this opus has shaken the world of IDM. Since its release, ΙΧΘΥΣ has been supported by renowned artists Plaid (WARP Records) who played several tracks in their recent DJ sets and publicly commented « It is indeed a most excellent album! ». The double vinyl version is coming on Schematic this summer.

Since then, strong rumors have spread over the web about the track Faucon Titane on the successful compilation Covert of the label Touched Music. Autechre track? Syl Kougaïs one? Obviously, fans of Kougaï seems to have closed the debate.



What we know with certainty is that he will appear on the next compilation Touched 3 alongside some of the biggest names in the electronic scene, with an exclusive track. Scheduled for late July.

Syl Kougaï is currently playing with his total real-time sound generation system all over Europe with scorching new material and has shared the stage with Arovane, Richard Devine, Monolake, Roel Funcken, Monolog, Lakker, Flint Kids... One point is clear, his performances generate the respect and admiration of his fellow musicians.

His next apparition will be for the Krake festival in Berlin, Saturday 30th July. Brace yourself for some new exciting and uncompromising music.

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/533308466875757/

Tickets: http://www.killekill.com/shop/




http://sylkougai.com/ http://www.facebook.com/sylkougaioffcialhttp://twitter.com/SylKougai https://www.youtube.com/sylkougaitube/



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