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Fahcid 2004-2006


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All tracks compiled here have been created around 2004-2006 for various projects; Fahcid, EAP (004 and 019) and Acid Split Tape, also including a couple rare and never released tracks meant for any of these projects. Because all these tracks were made under a different standard they had to be dug up from the depths of several backup caves and restorated to some point because software, version differences and migration never really works very well together. So consider a few of the tracks being slightly altered, but all of them have been re-levelled and restorated, and then remastered.
Acid Split Cassette (With Impakt): Love 1, Love 2, Untitled 4, Gasoline Acid, Dooey, Gf, Untitled 4.
EAP004 & 019: Erickx Blew A Fuse, Dreikammer, Fahcid, EAP Acid 1, EAP Acid 2, Twenty Six Acid, Twenty Nine Acid.
Fahcid: Casey's Goodbye Cauldron, Lost Acid, This Here Eggo, Lcox 1, Lcox 2, Lcox 3, Untitled 1, Untitled 2, Gass Blecher, Glass Becher, Coracid Speed Acid Sequence 1, Coracid Speed Acid Sequence 2, Cashual, None Of My Friends Can Dance.
Unreleased/Rare: Aet, Binslotch, Beach Dave, Black Acid, Eagou, Lcox A, Our Acid, Untitled 3.
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