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Subtle Audio V/A - A Decade In Breakbeat


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''A special release to celebrate 10 years of bringing the breaks to D&B''


Happy birthday SA! In case you don't remember, this is the label originally behind Macc & dgoHn's Some Shit Saaink which eventually was released on Rephlex. Vinyl and CD versions have different tracks. The Tracklists are



Side 1 Nebula - Noir

Side 2 Dub One - Speechles


Side 3 Alpha Omega - Know How (Aroma Nice & Early Grey remix)

Side 4 Mecca - Analysis


Side 5 NCQL - Breath Of The Eve

Side 6 Reactiv - Metatron Falls



01 Nic TVG - Sitting In The Crosswalks (Enjoy's Crossing Layers Remix)

02 Dissident - Overself Archipelago

03 Speak - Stone Giants

04 Kyam - Nola

05 Ornette Hawkins - Jazz Police

06 Polska - Burning Sun (Reborn Vocal Remix)

07 Enjoy - The Crook VIP

08 NCQL - Nocturnalist

09 Relapse - Break Through

10 Scale - Glass Eye

11 Maledicent - Perantique

12 Mecca - Solar Ice

13 Psycho Mantis - U Do Not Want To Go There


This was released something like a month ago so the SA's own webshop has sold out the vinyl. CD version is available though. There still seems to be some wax copies on juno and redeye


Here a Code's showcase mix for the whole ''Decade In Breakdance''




If too monstrous try this:


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No Macc or Dghon is weird eh?



Also, can't believe I missed this! I have almost everything from Subtle, rlly wicked stuff.


Sorry, just thought about this a bit more. Really strange! They were a huge part of my early experience with Subtle. Perhaps licensing issues or something. 


I still can't wait for this to get hear, been itchin' for some drums lately.

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No Macc or Dghon is weird eh?



Not really !

I mean, we're always up for working with one or both of them, but Macc doesn't make that much music these days - he's mainly focused on his mastering business and dgoHn often gets in touch when he has new music but we didn't hear from him in the window where we were compiling this album. There's always room for one or both in the future though.


If you do want some Macc & dgoHn style beats, you'd do well to check track #9 by Relapse on the CD version - "Break Through" ...

Here's what Macc himself said after mastering the CD :


"For me though it's all about the Relapse tune.

You can tell him from me, I honestly thought, 'I don't get to make music any more, but frankly what's the point anyway when someone is doing what I' d like to do, better?'. Absolute feckin tune."



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Well, here's some audio - judge how 'Macc & dgoHn' it is for yerselfs :emotawesomepm9:





... also, I believe there to be a substantial whiff of Macc from this one ...





... and then this is just somethin else entirely ...



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Just to let you know, the 3x12" Vinyl and CD versions of the release have now been distributed (officially release on August 1st).


Here are just a few places you can find them :


Unearthed (Vinyl) ---> unearthedsounds.co.uk/collections/subtle-audio/products/subtle-audio-a-decade-in-breakbeat-3x12-vinyl

Unearthed (CD) ---> http://www.unearthedsounds.co.uk/collections/subtle-audio/products/a-decade-in-breakbeat-digipak-cd

Juno ---> http://www.juno.co.uk/search/?q%5Ball%5D%5B%5D=Subtle+Audio&solrorder=relevancy&hide_forthcoming=0

Redeye ---> http://www.redeyerecords.co.uk/record-label-releases/389-subtle-audio

Intense (Vinyl) ---> http://intenserecords.co.uk/view.php?TitleId=26555

Intense (CD) ---> http://intenserecords.co.uk/view.php?TitleId=26554

Boomkat ---> https://boomkat.com/products/subtle-audio-a-decade-in-breakbeat

7th Storey Projects ---> http://www.seventhstoreyprojects.com/subtle-audio---a-decade-in-breakbeat---3x12-vinyl---pre-order-only-124-p.asp

Decks.de ---> http://www.decks.de/t/various_artists-a_decade_in_breakbeat/c7t-1b

Deejay.de ---> http://www.deejay.de/subtle+audio

Grind Records (Japan) ---> http://grindrecord.com/?mode=srh&cid=&keyword=Subtle+Audio

... and, though we are sold out of vinyl copies on the Subtle Audio site, we do have a new special offer of the CD version + 4 bonus download tracks ---> http://www.subtleaudiorecordings.com/product/a-decade-in-breakbeat-bundle-pack-cd-bonus-downloads-poster/



thanks to everyone for the support so far !!



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  • 2 weeks later...

Vinyl + CD arrived this week, thank you for the handful of stickers too =).


Can't wait to pound this on the system later, very excited. 



Btw, no bonus tracks with the vinyl/Cd package?  :cry: lol I jest, but is there a way to get ahold of the bonus tracks other than buying the CD special offer?

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Vinyl + CD arrived this week, thank you for the handful of stickers too =).


Can't wait to pound this on the system later, very excited. 



Btw, no bonus tracks with the vinyl/Cd package?  :cry: lol I jest, but is there a way to get ahold of the bonus tracks other than buying the CD special offer?



Thanks for the support Stephen !


the bonus tracks were meant to be a bonus for the people who ordered via the Subtle Audio site, but seeing as you've been a regular supporter I can make an exception :emotawesomepm9:


PM me yer email and I'll fire over a download link :wink:


By the way, the stickers were included because the labels on all the vinyls are the wrong way around... but it's upto you what you do with em !

Edited by Code
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:happy:  :beer:



btw first playthrough of the CD yesterday, really great compilation to celebrate the anniversary. 


I think my favourite track (really hard to choose though...) is Dissident - Overself Archipelago.

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^ Glad you're diggin it !
As usual, it took quite awhile to find enough tracks I liked that worked together, but I think it was worth the wait in the end.
The Dissident track was the first signed for the CD while I was still living in Montreal in Jan 2015 and the last track (Mecca 'Solar Ice') was signed in April / May 2016 when I was back living in Ireland!)
Have you seen the video for Overself Archipelago by the way ?

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Received mine yesterday. Everytime I hear Jazz Police Clifford Gilberto pops into my mind, something similar to the beginning of Brasilia Freestyle. Not a bad thing though. Also love the Kyam track.


Thanks Code and congrats once again! Good that it's only the 10 first years.

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Just checked that Clifford Gilberto thing and I can hear what you're saying, both tracks are on a similar vibe, though "Brasilia Freestyle" is just that - a bit more 'freestyle' than "Jazz Police", which is more of a head nodder.


Thanks for the support !

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  • 1 month later...

Just thought I'd give a heads up that the digital download versions of both the 3x12" vinyl and the CD are now available from our new Bandcamp page ---> www.subtleaudio.bandcamp.com :wink: 


Our entire back catalog is available in digital formats there too (52 releases in all with a 50% discount at the moment).


Direct links for the new 'Decade In Breakbeat' compilation :


3x12" Vinyl edition (with 4 bonus tracks) ---> https://subtleaudio.bandcamp.com/album/subtle001lp-subtleb006-various-a-decade-in-breakbeat-vinyl-version-bonus-tracks


CD Version (no repeated tracks!) ---> https://subtleaudio.bandcamp.com/album/subtle007cd-various-a-decade-in-breakbeat-cd-version



Thanks again to everyone here for their support !

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