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Pink Floyd - The Early Years 1965-1972

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So I guess for those already well-versed in the bootlegs the never released Lantham film recording is the big draw. I guess it's their equivalent to the Beatles' Carnival_of_Light which was absent from the Anthology Box set.

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Some of these albums from the boxset are up on Spotify (God bless Spotify)


And if you are a massive Floyd fan like my goodself then you should check them out because they are, excuse the language, fucking incredible.


I wasn't expecting much to be honest, but they prove to be essential listening. 


It's a Pink Floyd KO!

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Floored by The Mighty Floyd


One of life's great mysteries surely must be why they aren't more popular on watmm. Pretty sure there was a thread a few years ago when almost everybody slagged them off.


What's that all about then? 

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Definitely the right era but there's no way I am able to justify shelling out that much, especially to a band that is constantly releasing new versions of things and new collections and just mining their fans' money for all they possibly can. Nice to have this much stuff from this era available though.

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my father's favorite band back in the day, i grew up listening to them...

when i got into them later by my freewill, i jumped from favorite era to favorite era for a while...

some of my all time favorite songs are from the ost's more and obscured by clouds... i expect to find on this compilation some unreleased stuff that fits into that genre... btw those two movies are a great watch!


some favorites:

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