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Champions League 2016-2017

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hard to know what to make of that, were steaua just really really bad, or city really really good? never easy to score five away from home though, even against poor teams, and they could easily have had ten. City looked like a completely different team from the weekend, will be interesting to see if they can do it on a rainy day in stoke (there's actually rain forecast for the weekend).

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Yeah those changes are shit. But if historical merit is being considered at least Ajax will be in the CL every year. As would Benfica, FC Porto, Liverpool and Notts Forest. Maybe Marseille? I mean they are the only French side to have won it.

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just can't see the players getting it up like last season... DUGHSDUGHSKJFSHDLHFLjk

Just do the Leicester trick of sending the Thai pros round, that'll help with getting it up...

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Group C is amazing, poor Celtic though. Spurs and Leicester both had decent draws. Still be difficult matches (for Leicester more than Spurs I think), but I can see both of them making it out of the group stages.


Arsenal should make it out as well.


Juve also has a relatively straightforward draw.

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Celtic fans will be happy enough to have some tasty fixtures to look forward to I'd have thought.

It's not like they were expecting to progress very far given their recent history.

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well we avoided the giants but bayer and monaco can be tricky. cska in the luzhniki could be tough now that i think about it. on a good day we can handily beat those teams but knowing spurs....

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Yeah I would imagine most Celtic fans are just looking forward to some epic matches.


Re: Spurs - I think you have the more difficult group than Leicester, but I also think you're better equipped to deal with European football. Leicester will struggle with teams no playing a high line against them, which I imagine every team they face should know now.

And losing Kante really hurt them, whereas you spuds have kept the same core players. I think the matches will be tighter for you but more winnable, if that makes any sense.


lol it's been a long day.

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Arsenal have been decent (was watching both games at the same time), PSG were a bit fortunate with the goal, and have been sitting back too much, they've been decent going forward though and Ospina has made a couple of good saves.

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You don't think PSG were a bit wasteful?


yeah, like I said, they were good going forward and Ospina made some good saves, Cavani could've scored a couple more. The allowed Arsenal far too much time on the ball though, needed to press them a lot more.

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Like a young Lee Bowyer.


Here's a different link, since UEFA are a bunch of cunts.





Also, looks like Arsenal finally won't get Barcelona in the RO16, they'll lose on away goals to Bayern. FLOL.

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