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Hello watmm.


I have been toiling away with making my own zine, based on electronic musical things. I was looking for zines that talked about techno / idm / noisy musical bollocks but didnt find any, so I decided to start one.


I am fairly happy with how issue 1 has turned out and I have had some positive feedback thus far, but I want to get more copies out to my target audience.... probably you lot.


So the first bunch of people to send me their address will get a copy, regardless of worldwide location yo! PM please and I promise not to share your address with anyone (yada yada data privacy etc...)


Brief synopsis:-


Covering techno, breakcore, electronica, idm and other noisy bassy weird stuff that defies categorisation. You will find discussions on the extreme ends of music created with computers and hardware, with (hopefully) informative articles and interviews, plus music reviews, opinions, poetry and art. And whatever else seems to fit.


Contact: zine@snarerush.co.uk

Web: www.snarerush.co.uk


Issue 1 is presented as 20 pages in A5 grey paper, hand bound with C90 cassette tape, featuring:-

  • What is a snare rush?
  • An ode to David Bowie (dealing with musical loss)
  • DSMVWLMNT - removing the vowels and capitalising. YH BBY!
  • An interview with MDM Chaos
  • A DSMVWLMNT quiz
  • A short discussion on vinyl music sales in music
  • Techno Topopgraphia (UK & Eire edition) - using place names in electronic music.
  • 90bpm Russian Techno! Looking at Somatik Techno and a review of Perforated Cerebral Party's new album "Pinch Of"
  • A few more music reviews
  • Photos / art / other stuff




If you are at all interest in my project, I would consider submissions for Issue 2 (to be printed circa October 2016), especially artwork (which is my weak point) but anything else too.

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A quick bump to say all those who have requested so far will get copies out in the post on Tuesday.


1 copy in 10 features a limited edition stainless steel stencil for your own arty needs.


If you happen to be in Oxfordshire, you can now pick up a copy from Truck Music in Oxford.


Cheers for the support.

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Thanks, man~!




The highlighter accents and handwritten pen additions are quite nice.  The only real constructive criticisms I could give about it are maybe practice ultra tight origami folding (subtleties!), and also, staples!  I dunno if other issues have staples, but mine has no staples.  Find someplace with a long stapler or buy one if no place exists.  Cuz pages almost fall out when not held parallel to the ground.


Anyway, nice first issue!  I like the inside design, back is pretty cool, cover is not so strong (pointless points, from a marketing perspective).  Just because it's a photocopy zine, doesn't mean that it also can't be tight as fuck.

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Cheers for the honest feedback! Glad it made it to the other side of the world so quickly.


Someone else also mentioned staples and I totally agree... So I have invested in a long reach stapler and a pack of multi coloured staples :)


Yep sorry about my crappy artwork, that's my weak point as I said above. Am working on it!


Cheers again

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Don't like to keep bumping my own thread, but now that the blogs have gone I guess I have no choice :trollface:


In a blatant abuse of power, I have harnessed the use of the new CNC Plasma cutter at work and made myself these funky stencils.  Not bad for a first effort but I will probably revise it.  Will use this one and some others to customise individual covers for Issue 2 of Snare/Rush.


Considering taking commissions if anyone wants a specific stencil making (might start a new thread in the future on that)





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  • 1 month later...



Website updated if anyone is interested - PDF version of issue 1 is now online for viewing and download.


The print issues had individual added colouring and notes so this is the "barebones" edition.


Thanks for everyone who gave feedback / donations for the first issue, much appreciated.



Currently working on issue 2, still looking at a November print date. It will be free again, but I will have to charge for postage costs this time around.

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  • 3 months later...

So due to a number of personal reasons I had to delay completion of issue 2. But it's now nearly complete.


I will offer this free to everyone who made a donation towards the first issue, will message those kind people soon to see if they want a copy.


More news coming soon (got a clear weekend next weekend so will be working on it then)

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  • 5 weeks later...

Issue 2 is ready to post out.


It includes stuff like:-


The return of the cassette tape!

Fabric got shut down / reopened: The story, and my thoughts, top fabric moments, mixes etc

iTAL tEK: tHE eARLY yEARS 2006 - 2007

A crossword puzzle

Some poetry

Techno Topographia: USA & Canada edition


Music reviews / playlist

Audioscope Oxford


And other stuff that I did.

If you would like a copy, message me and I'm hoping to send a bunch out at the end of the week.

Donations / trades / bribes welcome but not necessary from watmm fam

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  • 1 month later...

Cannot edit post above so I have to bump the thread again.


Those who requested a freebie copy or previously made me a donation should now all have this - good on you.


Anyone else who wants to grab a copy can now purchase via Peace7's awesome BLISST website.


Also still open to offers if people want to trade stuff for a copy, or beg and I might still send you one.




Work has begun on Issue 3 with loads of cool stuff already lined up, including an interview with qebrus, features on DETHWAVE and an experimental drone artist from Oxford called Lee Riley.





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  • 4 weeks later...

So I got a mention in the latest issue of Electronic Sound magazine, ace stuff!


Still cant figure out how to imbed an Instagram image on watmm, but here is the link. Stoked.




Also added the BLISST imbed purchase button to my website so you can IDM super buy the zine quicker and easier.

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  • 4 months later...

Snare/Rush/3 is very nearly a real thing.


Taking pre-orders now via Peace7's excellent BLISST shop ==> https://blisst.io/HaHVOhF



Issue #3 of Snare Rush Zine is 24 pages of A5 b/w badness, containing (amongst other things)


*> A review of the Supernormal Festival in Oxfordshire

*> An interview with the bearded drone wizard Lee Riley

*> An introduction to ⠽D⠑E⠎T⠙H⠕W⠕A⠍V⠼E⠃

*> A numbers quiz

*> An interview with the alien entity known as Qebrus

*> Music and literature reviews

*> News, opinions, art, and other stuff


NOTE:- Exact release date TBC (I will update as soon as everything is back from the printers) but anybody pre-ordering now will receive bonus stickers / postcards


NOTE2:- Issue 2 is now available as a pdf free free download via my website www.snarerush.co.uk but there are a few paper copies left for £1 if you want to support :)

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  • 1 month later...

Ok if anybody wants a physical copy of SnareRush#3 you can now buy from my BLISST shop.




Or message me if you are skint and we can sort something out, also happy to trade :)


Officially now working on the BULLWALLET autechre zine.....

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  • 1 month later...



If anybody else wants a copy, grab one now through the BLISST shop, not too many left now. Cost price on goods and postage on remaining stock!




Or if you prefer Paypal then PM me.


Clearing my stocks ready for BULLWALLET in 2018

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  • 3 weeks later...
  • 1 month later...
  • 1 month later...

ANNOUNCEMENT:- Snare/Rush issue 4

Issue four of snare/rush zine is presented as 28 black & white pages in A5 format, heavy duty card cover surround and stapled.



  • An interview with daphnellc

  • A review of Dronica Festival Day 3

  • Alien alter egos in electronic music

  • An ode to Qebrus

  • An interview with ISN’TSES

  • Spot the difference!

  • Lush record shops

  • Music reviews

  • Techno Topographia: World Edition

  • Other things - opinions - art - playlist

Coming May 2018


Links + pre-orders up soon, which should be shipped with a 3" cdr promo of noise techno from Soloman Tump (as long as I pull my finger out)

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