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Flogged a few, traded a few, sent out some freebies.

All going well so far. 


Been looking for a UK distro or record store who might want to stock these - anyone got any suggestions?


Plans afoot for issue 5 already but looking like October for publishing.

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Not many copies of issue#4 left if anybody still wants one.....




Issue#5 is on the horizon.

Was hoping to have it ready by now, but life has been a bit shitty so it will be done when it is done.  Very happy with the content though, which includes:-


  • Interview with industrial band "Non Bio"
  • A comprehensive review of Houghton Festival
  • An interview with Jay of the Buzzing Minds project
  • LoveLove Records
  • Short Songs!
  • Nostalgia
  • Vishscale: Industrial Techno
  • Can you Phil Me In?
  • Photos and collage art
  • Music reviews
  • All the usual claptrap features

Order link going live soon



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ANNOUNCEMENT:- Snare/Rush issue 5

Issue five of snare/rush zine is presented as 28 black & white pages in A5 format, heavy duty cover surround and stapled, all in recycled Bio Top 3.


An interview with Non-Bio
A diary of my shenanigans at Houghton Festival
LoveLove Records
An interview with Jay from Buzzing Minds; a noise project created by sheltered people living in Sydney
Short Songs!
Plenty of music reviews
Vishscale introduction plus Dj Chart
Ramblings and Crap!



Hand numbered and finished.

Out November 2018.


Trades / PayPal / barter welcome

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where can I read the first 2 issues?


I have .pdf's of the first 3 issues which I need to archive online somewhere. Will do it soon.  I am actually tempted to do an archival "book" containing the first 5 issues, can actually get them printed up for pretty competitive costs. 


Issue 4 will go to .pdf soon ( I have a final few paper copies left to disperse before I let the digital out there)

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Website updated.




You can now view issue #4 online (hard copies all gone)


Still some of Issue 5 left if anyone wants a copy.


Issue 6 being worked on - got a great couple of interviews lined up and some other cool content, stay tuned for updates.... Excited for this issue!



All zine orders now come with a SNARERUSH fridge magnet :-)


If you want to join the mailing list, send me a DM or e-mail zine@snarerush.co.uk





Having a rethink on Bullwallet; really difficult to do Autechre justice with my limited resources / time / budget.  Keeping it on the back burner for now unless I manage to get a shit load of spare free time suddenly (kek)

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<===== ISSUE 6 INCOMING =====>


Exciting times.


Kind of accidentally a Bristol special, featuring:


  • An Interview with Nick Edwards (Ekoplekz)
  • Machina Bristronica: Geeking out with modular synths for the day
  • An interview with WORM MONOLITH
  • R.I.P Keith Flint
  • Pub Quiz
  • Stone Tapes
  • Art by Betty Heredia: Visualising Music
  • Poetry and Art
  • Music reviews

Available soon from the new online shop at www.snarerush.limitedrun.com where you can also find remaining copies of issues 4 and 5.

Thanks for the support....


Trades welcome if you have things to offer.....


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Ok So I have only a couple of copies of issues 5 and 6 left.

I just added reprints of issues 1,2 and 3 to my web store.  Limited! So get in soon if you want one. I will not reprint again.



Work continues on Issue 7 as well as the SNARE RUSH COMPILATION

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Issue 7 coming January 2020.  Have been using the holidays to get this sonofabitch finished.  Feels good.
Content is RAD.

Interviews with Steph Horak, Salac and Hannya White, plus plenty of discussion on things music related. Festivals, reviews, other zines, radio stations, lasers. 

Compilation on the back burner - have been waiting for promised content but it never arrives (lol same with the Bull Wallet autechre zine).  This is why I like to keep the zine as pretty much all my own content - its down to me to get it done and it does ?

Happy to still receive Compilation music however - if I get more submissions I can release at a later date.

Purchase link coming soon.

Any profits from the zine will be matched by me and sent to Oxfordshire MIND.


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So I've got a few copies of issue 7 left, great support again thank you. Surplus funds raised go to supporting Oxfordshire MIND.

I have digitised issues 1-5 and they are available for pay what you want, all proceeds going to MIND.


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... and pretty much 4 years on from the start of the project I am calling it a day (for now...).

It was a great experience making this zine and I made loads of great connections with people all over the world.

But my life situation is changing and I want to concentrate on making sounds for a while, so mothballing the zine for a bit.  Might resurrect one day as I had a couple of cool interviews lined up for issue 8!

Any remaining stock of back issues I find as I pack up to move will go up on the snare rush website.

Thanks for the watmm support on this over the years, sorry I never got that interview with RDJ or the bullwallet zine finished.  Hey ho.

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  • Soloman Tump changed the title to SNARERUSH / INTRUSIVE SIGNALS zines

I made a new zine. 


More noise / electronic / experimental sounds, with a nod to mental health and looking after yourself in these weird times.  Some great (imho) interviews that cover some intimate issues. Guest art, collage, diary pieces, ramblings from me.

48 pages, black and white, printed on recycled paper... if you have any of my snarerush zines the format is very similar....

Really enjoyed putting this one together.  Not sure if a one off or the start of something new.


On 6/26/2020 at 10:05 PM, drillkicker said:

Did you ever do that comp album ?

Sorry, totally missed this reply.  No sorry, I still have the tracks sat on my hard drive.  I mothballed the snarerush project due to changes in job, plague / moving etc.... but back into the zine world now.  I might consider finishing that compilation off actually - I will email everyone who was involved and see what thoughts are on the submitted tracks....

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6 years later and i'm still making zines!


Issue 3 of Intrusive Signals is coming March 2022.  Excited for this one.

In depth interviews and art from:
  Scum Alice
  Brachliegen Tapes

Words from me on:
  Tyrannic Horizon
  Split release culture

  Lucidet - maze artwork
  Neurographic Art from JT
  And some other last minute bits that might creep in

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