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Meat Beat Manifesto - 2016 US Tour Dates

Rubin Farr

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Goddamit I'm out of the country :(



Sep. 23 - Cold Waves V Festival - Chicago, IL


Sep. 30 - Club Data - Dallas, TX


Oct. 01 - Numbers - Houston, TX


Oct. 21 - DNA - San Francisco, CA

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I think their label support, if there is any, has pretty much dried up these days. These might be self funded, or with a SF promoter, so probly expect a laptop tour with the classic video screens they own.

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set list was mostly "greatest hits" - some I remember:


prime audio soup

acid again

second half of book of shadows

i got the fear

radio babylon

God. O. D.

did a great slow groovy version of transmission

she's unreal

sound innovation


they also played nocebo from the new skam 12"


some others too... was hoping they would segue from she's unreal to asbestos lead asbestos as they do in the album but no dice.


visuals were great. just jack and some other guy (not sure who) managing the video and mixers and laptops. just good clean fun.


here are some excerpts:




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the "other guy" is Ben Stokes, AKA Dimensional Holophonic Sound, he's been in MBM for almost 20 years now, lol.  He came out of the H-Gun collective of A/V producers in Chicago, and released "The House of God" back in the 90s, among others.  He and Jack also did all of the Tino's Beats releases together.







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Apparently Mark Pistel was on the mixing board for this tour, keepin it in the family.  Igloo Mag posted clips from the entire Houston show, here are a few:













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