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Phono Ghosts - Solar Dream Reel


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fuuuuck this is good


kicking my ass for not knowing of this artist earlier, listening to Chrome Position now


meatbingo sideproject right?

Yep that's right. At least you've got three releases to catch up on, should keep your ears busy for a while.
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This is a welcome relief after the disappointing (imho) Pye Corner Audio and feels like a much more complete, confident and well-paced follow up to Chrome Position. Some great tracks. Welcome back to 1987.

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All VHS Head fans would be well pleased with this.

Not me sadly. This pales in comparison to VHS Head. Believe me I wish it didn't, but it's just bland in comparison.




I love it. It's got the melodies, aching nostalgia and haunting atmospherics that can be found on Persistence Of Vision and Trademark Ribbons Of Gold. What it doesn't have is the the really hard, abrasive cut-up stuff - which I don't care for.

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Guest bitroast

SUPER GOOD!!! worth checking. 

i'd link to the song Charm School but my link seems to be blocked out of australia ( youtube this if you can :^) 


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