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Convextion - 2845


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I've been listening to this release a lot this week and it is insanely good. Trying to work out the details on the vinyl release. 






Blurb from Fact: http://www.factmag.com/2016/08/22/convextion-2845-album-released/



2845 is out now on Mojuba sub-label a.r.t.less.

Dallas techno producer Convextion has released his first album in 10 years.

2845 is the first long-player from veteran producer Gerard Hanson since 2006’s self-titled album for Down Low Music. It arrives on a.r.t.less, the sub-label of Don Williams’ Mojuba Records.

As RA reports, 2845 appeared on Discogs over the weekend, and features seven tracks, two of which were edited by Williams.

Despite gaining a strong reputation during the late ‘90s and early 2000s with a string of atmospheric 12″s for labels such as Matrix, VEXT and Tektite Recordings, Hanson has kept a low profile for much of the last decade. Earlier this year he reemerged with a 12″ on Acido.

Hanson’s music has been compared to the catalogue of Chain Reaction and Basic Channel, and his 1997 track ‘Ebulience’ featured on FACT’s list of the 25 best dub techno tracks of all time.

2845 is out now. Listen to a preview of the album below.



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Blows my mind that what could be Album of the year has a thread with 4 comments and the stupid fucking Metallica album thread has 4 pages. 


Received my vinyl copy a couple of weeks ago. 

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fantastic release.


two day edit. Been listening while reading Neal Stephenson, which has been a natural pairing. But where this really brings me is into memories of playing unreal tournament in 1999 late at night. The lower tempo fits in between cyber death matches.

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