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This music written in tasmania. inspired by the landscape, sounds and atmosphere of the place.


released September 9, 2016 


Artwork by Mahtouz


01. wAgAwAgA - inflight frogs 5:10

02. wAgAwAgA - morning beach 4:58

03. wAgAwAgA - Yng lAz 4:00

04. wAgAwAgA - rivah jetty 2:56

05. wAgAwAgA - scrumpin selecta 6:26

06. wAgAwAgA - telescopic lug 5:00

07. wAgAwAgA - cookswait 4:51

08. wAgAwAgA - dub intent 5:09

09. wAgAwAgA - elev8or 3:52

10. wAgAwAgA - spLtinttnt 4:00

11. wAgAwAgA - ThLvLngn 4:32

12. wAgAwAgA - stithlootla 6:36

13. wAgAwAgA - wind down 5:26







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This album is FIRE


I love his travelling albums - he always weaves in his field recordings in subtle and interesting ways rather than just slapping them over the top of tunes.


He is one of the few electronic artists I know who makes perfect use of acoustic samples and field recordings, and adds just the right amount of glitch to form something unique.


For example I love the drunken pitch bent drum hits and slo-mo techno tracks in here.

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