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This website is pretty weird, amazing, and awesome all at the same time:




bOING bOING sums it up best: http://boingboing.net/2016/09/13/chill-out-with-the-current-con.html




Current condition is a website lurking in the airwaves and wires somewhere between teletext, those high-number cable channels that just play music and weather, and where the planes were in 19AX or so.
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    • By htor
      let me take you back for a moment:
      i remember seeing warprecords.com in its old glory for the first time back in the early 2000s on my friend's computer screen. it was really a piece of art at the time i thought. how creative and colorful, with the _amazing_ logo animation and inventive layout system. looking at it now, i still think the same. think about all the nice websites that are forgotten every time somebody needs to "modernize". really glad archive.org exists and of course, the creators, the designers republic (still rolling with flash-based websites)
      do you miss the old?
    • By Joyrex
      There are no words
    • By Joyrex

    • By msalami
      Andy completely changed http://www.ceephax.co.uk/organisation, one month ago.
      The sad fact is, that you can't reach the old stuff that used to be on the domain anymore. No more old edits or unreleased tracks, no more of those link to various computer/synth related pages.
      If anyone can link me to the old tracks...
      I was looking for 2 soon 4 darude's mix that had to be played at a cancelled show this weekend, but I can't find it anymore...
      Any help to grab the old website stuff would be appreciated
      And of course, if that request is violating any forum rules, my apologies, delete the post !
    • Guest jasondonervan
      By Guest jasondonervan
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