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Day for Night Festival


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just gonna comment again on how amazing that set was again (most amazing). afx weather tech is next level shit. seriously doubt any live show will touch it

That cold front was straight up magic, fucking nuts.


I'll admit we moved back when the stage and speakers shook. We were right in the line of the left one.

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deece recording



that damn track is going to be so f'en good when we get it in high quality in 2027 (sincerely hope that's not the case, even though I'd still call us lucky if that was true).

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Think I was able to get most of what people are thinking might be unreleased Aphex tracks towards the end



the track at 5:10 is amazing


Been on repeat all day, absolute gold, gets in your head and doesn't leave, so happy he's given us a new tune to rinse.  :music:

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The weather was perfect. It really enhanced the immanence of the whole affair. I'll be looking forward to the holographic reconstruction from all the facebook live feeds.

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