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Corey Feldman New Album, Performs Song on Today Show


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holy. fucking. shit. balls. 


being a child actor, lot's of cocaine, likely didled by michael jackson with consent??  = 10 year in the making double ego fuck album. 




props to him for not running out of money yet though. 

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"Corey's Angels" . he said "that's what we're doing with Corey's Angels.. we're helping girls take their reality and make it their dreams" 







i'm guessing his ego can run for a year on that today show performance fuel. 

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1. (Opening Skit) ASCENSION MILLENNIUM (C. Feldman, R. Dixon)

2. (Skit #2) LOVIN LIES (C. Feldman, M. Mijaris)

3. (Skit #3) ANGELIC 2 THE CORE (C. Feldman, R. Dixon, T.V. Musser)

4. (Skit #4) 4BIDDEN ATTRACTION Featuring Kaya Jones (C. Feldman, C. Nehria)

5. CROSSED THE LINE Remixxx1~6 Featuring Jon Carin, Nina Hagen (C. Feldman, J. Carin)

6. (Skit #5) BAD PEOPLE (C. Feldman, A. Bojanic, L. Hooper)

7. (Skit #6) DUH! (C. Feldman)

8. EVERYBODY Featuring Doc Ice (C. Feldman, M. Debarge, T.V. Musser, F. Reeves, T. Arrendell, M. Baily, D. Gardia)

9. LICKITY SPLICKITY Featuring Kurupt (C. Feldman., Kurupt)

10. GO 4 IT! Featuring Snoop Dogg (C. Feldman, C. Broadus, M. Gonsolin, N. Nitolli)

11. TEST 1 Featuring S.B. (C. Feldman, S. Page, D. McDow) + (Skit #7)


1. SEAMLESS Featuring Fred Durst (F. Durst, C. Feldman, G. Saratino, S. Page)

2. WANNA BREAK FREE Featuring Truth Movement (C. Feldman, P. Barret)

3. NEGATIVITY (C. Feldman)

4. YA GOT ME (C. Feldman, A. Bojanic, L. Hooper)

5. BABY BLUE EYES (C. Feldman)

6. 4 MY LOVE (C. Feldman, A. Bojanic, L. Hooper)

7. WE WANTED CHANGE (C. Feldman) + (Skit #8)

8. TAKE A STAND (C.Feldman, D. Dunn)

9. REMEMBER 222 (Corey’s Song) (C. Feldman, S. Page, G. Sarantino)

10. MERCY Featuring B. Howard (C. Feldman, B.Howard)

11. WORKING CLASS HERO (J. Lennon) ~ (End Skit #9)

There's a tune called "4Bidden Attraction"?


Umm, wonder who that's about...



Also lol at him covering a Lennon tune

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