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DEVELD coming soon (ish)


Strange no one here or on Facebook picked up on that bit before


PS. He was amazing at 22rpm last night. Renewed my love for deg

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4 minutes ago, bendish said:

This is great. Went back for another listen after a year or so...new Plaid made me check again. Underrated album. 

I agree. His 2003 release Voile under the Jello moniker is my favorite thing that he has done, even though he described it as a "misstep" - http://www.datawv.com/2017/08/interview-darrell-fitton-bola.html



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On 9/13/2017 at 7:10 AM, mcbpete said:

, followed by a golf game option-screen music that only really gets interesting in the final couple of minutes)


Cerios tho, this album is good and is deserved of props.  TBF I can't listen to that final track without thinking of golf games, lol

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