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Sote - Hardcore Sounds From Tehran

Gretsky 3D

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Couldn't find this being mentioned here before, but apparently Sote's most recent work has been released on Opal Tapes this summer.




I like how the A-side lines up nicely with his previous albums, but then the B-side catches you completely offguard using the same sound-palette, but used for "straightforward" vicious hardcore. 


I cannot emphasize the quotation marks around """"straightforward"""" enough.





Hardcore Sounds From Tehran : Foreword by Siavash Amini 

The lights went out…there was just a dim light from the laptop screen coming through from the other side of the venue. From the first few seconds that the kick started pounding I was overwhelmed by joy, not only because I was enjoying every bit of what I was absorbing with my whole body but also because "we" made it happen. This was taking place in Tehran, this gigantic wave of sounds that was resonating with our bodies and minds was actually being produced in front us by one the most accomplished if not the most accomplished Iranian electronic music composer. 

It seemed impossible 10 years ago. It wasn't by a sudden miracle that it happened. It happened step by step, little by little. Our community grew from a few bedroom producers playing each other their music to something bigger. We became more experienced. We stayed together and fought for what was rightfully ours in so many ways. We dragged PA systems from venue to venue, did all the handiwork such as cutting wires, lifting and installing every piece of equipment, and in one case shattering a theatre glass decor (in spirit of the event! ) to place the speakers as Ata was getting ready to perform. We claimed a space that rightfully belonged to people interested in experimenting with music, sounds and the way they approach their art and in a more general sense their lives. 

Contrary to popular belief that you can`t do Techno in Iran or you can not perform beat oriented music, we made it happen with Sote's rhythmic experimental electronic music, right here in Tehran. Creating community as we have grown as both musicians and music fans alike during the past years, we have a few things that we can call our own and one of them that we are really proud of is these collection of hardcore sounds produced by the most respected member of our community SOTE. The fact that these sounds were performed in Tehran under normal circumstances can serve as a document of what a community can do by mutual support, self organization and staying patient and independent. 

Siavash Amini is a composer/producer/guitarist from Tehran, Iran. His music draws from many genres and styles including: Noise, Drone, Ambient and Modern classical.
released June 1, 2016 

Edits from 6 performances in Tehran, Iran between spring of 2015 and winter of 2016. Produced by Ata 'Sote' Ebtekar



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This is fucking good. I'm surprised this wasn't posted earlier, Sote has put stuff out on Warp and Record Label Records in the past. Nice to see him on Opal Tapes, it's a fitting label for his work.


The Autechre watmm crew should be all over this.

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Yeah this is well timed.

Someone mentioned Sote's Electric Death in CHATMM last week when we were discussing people thinking your player is malfunctioning.

Never heard of it so checked it out and then his tracks on this https://www.discogs.com/Alireza-Mashayekhi-Ata-Ebtekar-Sote-Persian-Electronic-Music-Yesterday-And-Today-1966-2006/release/1174350


All this stuff is the shit

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good good! very cylobian again


def hear that

Some other stuff he's put out recently. JE/awepittance put out the second one I posted through his label.





The one on Ge-stell is new to me too! Seems like the youtube link doesn't work anymore, but the entire record is available here: https://soundcloud.com/ge-stell/sets/sote-hyper-urban-20-30-ge-stell-04


Some juicy remix-names on there!

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