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Volume 15: HTWV


1. Rowan - Tenacity Scorched 03:47
2. DataSports - Sunshade Summit 02:27
3. Tricone - Awaiting The Rains 03:46
4. Sunnyside Corporation - Sidewalk Mirage 04:20
5. PabulumAttic - Fan Collapse 04:04
6. Hello Spiral - Bacardiwave 11:51
7. DJ Saint-Hubert - blotches dont know 04:25
8. pan pipe crafter - pineapple lost at sea 00:44
9. PabulumAttic - Fever Bursts 03:19
10. soothsayer - Heatwave (Braced) 04:46
Theme: Heatwave 
Cover art by: Justin Bergstrom (www.behance.net/patternoverlap) 
Music by: barbu, DorkingtonPugsly, Friendly Foil, hello spiral, lamourfou, patternoverlap, pyramidpanes, Ragnar, Tricone RC.


Link: https://chatmm.bandcamp.com/album/volume-15-htwv

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Guest bitroast

man it's hot. 


how hot is it? it's so hot i poured mcdonalds coffee on my lap to cool off LOL




johnny carson said it .. 




rad comp everyone :^) 





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