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episode 8 - there's more after the credits btw.

the protest scenes lack imagination. why is there a guy w/a 500 year old gas mask from WWII?  why are the cops anti-riot measures from 1980? 

some plot holes for sure. writing not very tight. flimsy stuff. the bones are good but the rest is weak. they really didn't know what to do with it all. 

and wtf w/classic rock needle drops?? pink floyd? ugh. 

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I actually liked the classic rock needle drop, only cause the lyrics really fit the scene. 
Episode 8 at least have me some hope they’re going to be able to resolve the various story lines. I’m happy Arnold got some closure. 

Caleb’s utter just eh whatever response to this is a little bit of an understatement. 


“Hey you just got named the leader of a revolution.” No reaction.  

Anyway yeah mildly better than episode 7 but generally agree with what ignatius wrote up there. 

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Posted (edited)

I passed out by the middle of season 2, does it get any better?

Edit: I read the previous page now, my bad. I guess maybe... not?

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i binged watch all 3 seasons less than a year ago i think. i was fatigued as fuck and it was just right for that. 

it made a lot more sense w/seasons back to back. the thread continues through all seasons and makes it seem a lot less random or "we're pulling this out of our ass" from a plot/screenwriting POV.  it's not w/o problems but has a lot to offer still.. i think. and particularly the distortions in the minds of some of the human characters are interesting. 

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it's back... I'm rewatching it but I cannot help but think that this show is too intelligent for me to follow... I'm not being sarcastic btw... I keep questioning how things actually work with all the narrative loops and storylines and how they interconnect with each other... also, the overall narrative of the show itself is quite confusing cause the time line keeps randomly jumping between past/present/future... I member getting completely lost around the start of the 3rd season... it's frustrating... but maybe I'm just overanalyzing it and I should just go with the flow and look at the philosophical questions that it poses?

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OK after rewatching s01 I don't feel as dumb as b4... it's the show itself that's silly... and the show doesn't even revolve around the questions I asked (technicalities about how the park/game/narratives) work... it's basically AI and espionage with a confusing time-line...

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