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Your Guilty Pleasure

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I seldom hear a Duran Duran song I don't like.  Those heavily processed drums that are way ahead of the beat are crazy sloppy -interesting they let that pass- but great tune regardless.  I think they

Heaven is place in Earth is a pop song masterpiece

Elvis w/the Philharmonic Orchestra (semi-live), local city venue, a treat for me Ma & tbh it was a blast


Despite loads of cackling Valleys creatures spazzin in the isles & gurning Elvis quiffed Teds w/snakeskin boots....btw what is it with the British & intoxication? Why does everyone have to get 150% wrecked on a night out?  Human zoo lols.


Show - overdubbed fusions of blended multiple vocal takes of numbers recorded @ live gigs from the past (layered overdubs to exclude prior fan noise & cos he's dead), with a mega elderly gent on lead guitar who was the real star of the show with sublime searing solos, plus orchestra ensemble foregrounded by a 2001 black monolith in their midst with Elvis projections blasted on.


Never really gave much of a toss about Mr Presley or his legacy growing up, but it was outstanding, even with sycophantic Priscilla Presley storytelling interludes.


For the sound engineers among you this might be worth checking out on the grounds of exploring the clarity of sound, its subtlety of layering among backing singers, strings, horns, percussion and the array of kit gear fetishes that were partially satiated by a nose round the control/sound board area. Even the main crew & venue engineers were chatty & engaging in the build-up explaining which archives had been polished and reconstructed and why via fan & family selections.


For a cynical cunt, it was a rollicking fun & an education. Guilty pleasure indeed m'lud

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I have always, and will always fkn love this song, perfection imo.





the Spawn OST was so much better than the movie.


edit: watching this video in shitty RealPlayer streaming in the late 90s, I always thought 2:25 looked like the one guy from Crystal Meth giving the other guy head.

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I like Moby a lot, even if all his music sounds the same, but it's a sound I like.

What artists are a guilty pleasure for you? So you like Coldplay, do you?

I like Coldplay but after the single for Ghost Stories I stopped caring


I'll see that and raise you the Jon Hopkins remix of Midnight



That album appealed to me for no good reason until I found out Hopkins produced it.

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