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decided to have some fun with this somehwat broken old stereo mixer thing I picked up earlier to see if I could make it work

radio shack SSM-100

some star trek deep space nine is mixed in there in the beginning 




recorded to my ancient TEAC tape deck. some sounds are coming from a banjo loop triggered on my yamahaCBX10


the drum is provided by the yamaha dd-20s, which is a fucking toy drum pad but if you eq it, it sounds nice.


then later I ran this italian church organ 'bontempi giugiaro' into a vox amp with and into the mixer and fukked with it. the tape ran out mid jam. will try some more jams with this ridiculous set up.


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dude this has some much potential, literal trash techno. is the star trek deep space sampled from a audiobook or something? it fit in nicely

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I like it, I just wish it had one or two more elements/cheapo keyboards going on. One time I saw this sequencer/all in one studio thingy made by either a subsidiary of radio shack or texas instruments?? and it was like from 1998 and probably didn't even have the software that was supposed to go with it. I tried looking it up but couldn't find a picture, in lieu here's this thing



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