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Jlin - Black Origami


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Listening to vinyl, is good. But D side of vinyl has a bonus track / remix that's unlisted? That's fairly unusual but not unwanted.


edit: is it just the same track twice? Doesn't sound all that different.

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i bought this album yesterday and wooow BANGERS!! this has no chill, makes me wanna poop some xtc

something was off with the sound imo on dark energy but now the mix/mastering/production/whatevz is damn near perfect, listening on speakers btw

didn't expect her to take it a yuuge step forward and the album is worthy of the praise to me so far :music:

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So I've been listening to nothing but the two Jlin LPs and Mike P's Bleep mix on repeat at work the past week.


I bought Dark Energy when it first came out and it didn't fully grab me. There was a comment above about the production and for me it somehow felt off or flat too. The new album is just pure bangers and the production is tight af...all except for that first track which is just a total throwaway imo


What really got my attention and made me a full believer though was the mix. I like to think Bleep asked Mike P for a mix and he just sent them an hour of Jlin because that was the best batch of tracks he had at the time. Anyway, there are some BAD TO THE BONE cuts included. Not searching for track names but 10:42...40:37...the bass around 41:13...yowza!


I seen some other people posting that there's better footwork out there. I would love to hear examples.


I'm really into DJ Diamond because his stuff seems like a fresh take on the whole thing. The I'm-cummin'-on-yo'bitch's-face-smoke-a-motha-fuckin-blunt strain of Teklife footwork is also fun. Traxman has a massive record collection and knowledge of music to draw on, etc. I respect all of that. But Jlin seems to have taken a step in a new direction because it's an expression of something that seems to me to be much deeper.


So that brings me to the point that I was initially hesitant to touch on, but in other threads there was some talk that I think amounted to like, well, if she wasn't from a particular demographic then we wouldn't be having these conversations about these tracks. I disagree, because I think that the tracks would stand on their own regardless of who had made them. 


For me the background of the person who made the music is absolutely relevant, because what I'm getting from it is: here's an African American steel worker from middle America and her take on footwork in the year 2017. Yeah, it changes how I listen to the tracks. If it was a lying ginger kid from Cornwall, that would feel different to me.


Incidentally if DJ Diamond is a DJ, does that mean he has mixes available? I'm never come across any even after digging around

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I have been enjoying this now it's out. I agree about the press, although I didnt hate the Pitchfork review. New Yorker spot was awful. The press is very hype heavy.


gripes aside, Pfork still employs music writers. New Yorker music reviews are written by people and for people who don't know anything about the subject. Effort was there but it was a weird thing to read. I suppose this is how literature grads feel reading high school reports.


I have to admit, liked the album but it didn't grab me as much as her first. maybe it needs another listen or two or maybe the hype was too much, either way I'm happy for her much deserved success regardless of how arguably "excellent" this album is

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Loving this LP! Found a promo CDr for sale at Amoeba for $1.99 and figured I'd gotten a crazy deal but realised quickly that Planet Mu place idents all over the tracks (e.g, "Planet Mu Promo") on their promo copies. Gonna have to spring for the actual release because this is worth it!


Not feeling all the tracks equally compared to current highlights 'Holy Child' & 'Nyakinyua Rise' which bang H A R D ! ! ! Cannot wait to see her live in October!

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^I'd never listened to Jazz From Hell. Thanks MJ, you've made my Sunday.

other albums where he used the synclavier are:

  • frank zappa meets the mothers of prevention
  • civilization phaze III
  • dance me this
  • feeding the monkies at ma maison monkeys
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