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The Future Sound of London - Dead Cities (20th Anniversary Remaster)

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CD1 - Dead Cities Remastered

CD2 - We Have Explosive Remastered / expanded single + remixes / with bonus tracks

CD3 - My Kingdom Remastered / expanded single / with bonus tracks

CD4 - The Lost '95 Sessions

CD5 - The Expanded '97 Sessions

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Funny, when I loaded the thread the cover image was blurred out and it had a big ugly photobucket watermark over it. I was like, shit, that’s amazing. What a great idea for reissue art! Unfortunately,

Not convinced it needs remastering, to be honest, still sounds great. Some '90s stuff is pretty quiet - one reasons those first two Underworld remasters were so essential - but FSOL stuff is nice and

" "Sheuneenio"  

I just can't deal with these nth Anniversary re-releases of favourite albums that I already have. Does it even need a remaster, original sounds great already. Will it just be the usual "make it louder" type remaster. I guess the bonus tracks might be interesting to check out.

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Awesome news, my fav fsol album. Anyone want to hazard a guess at what CDs 4 and 5 might contain? Didn't the Archives albums already have some unreleased stuff from this era?

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why isn't there an fsol sub forum


Probably cuz they were never signed to Warp or Rephlex  :emotawesomepm9:

Interesting, never seen that ISDN promo before, some track names I don't recognise.

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Interesting, never seen that ISDN promo before, some track names I don't recognise.

It's a bloody fantastic release, Dead Cities from a parallel universe ...
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I hope the actual artwork is more than just stock photo/clip-art POS stickers and horrible blood splatter photoshop brushes, over the original cover. It looks a little like something you'd find in a HMV sale rack right now.


I'm also a bit torn, because it's one of my favourite albums and honestly, the original mastering still sounds absolutely fine to my ears. Loads of lovely dynamic range and no clipped peaks.


The bonus content looks great though.

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Aye, once in 2001 - https://www.discogs.com/Future-Sound-Of-London-Accelerator/release/97753

and another this year - https://www.discogs.com/The-Future-Sound-Of-London-Accelerator/release/9084397


though neither really had anything extra that warranted another purchase (just get the Papua New Guinea Ep from a while back and the single re-release a few years later and you've got the extra stuff)

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I can't believe there is seriously anything left from that time that hasn't already been released.

There's like six volumes of archives out there already (plus archived8).

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Has this actually been confirmed? Pretty sure Rubin lurks at the FSOLboard where Pandemonium posted that cover and he's not even confirmed it's real.


If it is real, I can't imagine how much more material would be there that isn't already on the From the Archives releases. I mean the 1997 sessions are basically covered: Sendoro Luminoso/Shining Path, Trying to Make Impermanent Things Permanent, A Sweltering Heat, Glacier 1 & 2, Exploded Funk, Private Psyche & Inner Life, Popadom, Head Hunter, Gyrated and Exchanged have all been released. There's an alt. mix of Shining Path, East Pacifica, How to be a Genuine Fake and a couple of unknown tracks at the end of this set:


1995... that's when we had the Peel Session with the early versions of My Kingdom, Yage and Quagmire, plus the Art Futura festival which had 100 Baby Spiders and Futura, although the early mix of My Kingdom is the only one of those that's not been released now. There's also Carlos from the ISDN Show CD which hasn't been released. And there are three or four more tracks from the Dead Cities tour that are currently unreleased.


They were working on an EP for Glass that never came about, and there's an Oil remix of Yage which hasn't been released yet, and a couple of alternate remixes of that which were on one of the Electric Brain Storms. There was also a planned released about eight years ago called 2" Tape Reels which was various sessions and remixes at RAM Studios (Arcon 2's studio, I believe), including a bizarre cut-up version of We Have Explosive. So I suppose there is still potential for a bunch of extra tracks. And of course there's undoubtedly stuff we've not heard. Brian mentioned only last year that'd he stumbled across a couple of boxes of DATs of unreleased stuff and he had no idea what was on them. In terms of output, I think they'd challenge Rich. I think they pretty much lived in the studio throughout the '90s.

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dude I hope you're right.


and yeah everyone check out pete's FS'L board, some seriously knowledgeable peeps over there.

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Fingers crossed then. Cheers for all that info purlieu. There's also that We Have Explosive 12" by Semtex that has one (maybe two) mixes not available anywhere else.


The Herd Killing mix on the A side is on the Wipeout 2097 soundtrack, and the version on the B side is totally exclusive to that 12". It's fucking awesome too. If anything's overdue a rerelease, it's that track.


I'm hoping this is a signifier of a bigger reissue campaign that I know the band have been certainly interested in doing, because it means we might finally get the 2014 reworking of the Liz Fraser Lifeforms EP that they did. Of anything in their vaults, that's one I want to hear the most. The very few snippets we've heard have been beautiful.

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