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The Future Sound of London - Dead Cities (2x 180g Vinyl Reissue)

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As it was mixed to DAT, the CD is actually the more... (I'll stop). 

The LP edition does have extended intros and outros bookending the sides so I do give mine a spin once in a while as a curio. Trainspotters will be interested to note that the outro 'pig' environment to WHE from the CD turns up at the start of Everyone in the World on the LP too. So it's more interesting than the Lifeforms LP where the gaps between sides were just subtle crossfades on the CD.

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Yeah, think the band and Universal are a bit miffed it's got out ahead of any official announcement. Me too! I'm not sure how likely one is at this point, given how much stuff has come out on t

Funny, when I loaded the thread the cover image was blurred out and it had a big ugly photobucket watermark over it. I was like, shit, that’s amazing. What a great idea for reissue art! Unfortunately,

Not convinced it needs remastering, to be honest, still sounds great. Some '90s stuff is pretty quiet - one reasons those first two Underworld remasters were so essential - but FSOL stuff is nice and

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On 11/10/2019 at 8:43 AM, thumbass said:

Dead Cities is by far the best FSOL album in existence. Not only that, it's also an IDM masterpiece. It's cinematic as fuck and it all sounds beautiful. Also LOL at the fucking cover of this album, it's hilariously bad but I don't mind it.

I buy their calendar every year because of how much I love their artwork.  It represents an era that can never be replicated.  Pushing art made on once high end PCs to an uncanny extreme, because it was impossible to avoid, due to hardware limitations.  The ones who embraced this made truly timeless imagery.  The cg stuff trying to look "real", from back then, mostly looks embarrassing now.  Lifeforms is my favorite album cover to this day.  I agree with you about Dead Cities, except its not my favorite, I like Environment Six or Accelerator the most.  Its so great that they are pretty active again, just wish fsoldigital wasn't so slow. Cheers!

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15 hours ago, nature said:

Lifeforms is my favorite album cover to this day.

One of mine as well.

Fun fact: the girl on the cover went on to play for the Arsenal women's under-21 football team.

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On 11/15/2019 at 10:12 AM, Rotwang said:

One of mine as well.

Fun fact: the girl on the cover went on to play for the Arsenal women's under-21 football team.

Very cool.  I love finding out little things like that.  For instance, some of the female vocals on Lifeforms are done by Elizabeth Fraser from Cocteau Twins, a band I've loved for ages.  Connections like that are neat to me.

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  • Rubin Farr changed the title to The Future Sound of London - Dead Cities (2x 180g Vinyl Reissue)
21 minutes ago, Rubin Farr said:

Double vinyl reissue confirmed for April, 2021. Possibly RSD

Awesome. Where's the announcement? Also, I believe RSD 2021 is delayed to June this year.

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Yeah, think the band and Universal are a bit miffed it's got out ahead of any official announcement.

30 minutes ago, paranoid-666 said:

I want a cd reissue with extras.

Me too! I'm not sure how likely one is at this point, given how much stuff has come out on the From the Archives series. I have a Dead Cities II playlist from those tracks: 

The Empty Land
A Corner
Exploded Funk
Dream One
Abandoned Housing Blocks of Prypiat
Mango Tree
War Machines
Tif Feetal
La Tronik
Lizzard Crawl
Blue Green
Is This Real
Accompaniment for Melodious Expression
Absent With Concept
Slow of Motion
Mas X-XX-XX 2
Mains Interrupt
100 Baby Spiders

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    • By dcom
      Digital only. Currently only Orfan Atmosphere txk available, but it's rather different from the album version - better, I think.
    • By purlieu
      Every time there's a new release there's normally a fair bit of discussion in the relevant thread, so I thought it was about time to start a general FSOL thread. Also, I just started a new blog called Fractional Difference, in which I'll be going through every release and song, in order, and looking at various things... all the facts, connections with other tracks, and my own personal feelings about them. It's going to take forever (they released 180 tracks on the launch of FSOLDigital alone), but I'm quite looking forward to revisiting the whole catalogue over the next however long it takes.
      So far I've done an About page which explains my discovery of the band and running the various fan sites I have over the years, a discography page which I'll fill in with links as the project goes along, and I've done a couple of entries, for Bacteria From a Baboon's Stomach and the original release of Stakker Humanoid.
      Hopefully will be getting a few stories, bits of trivia and pics from Brian over the course of it to spice it all up.
      Anyway, the blog is here if anybody fancies following: https://fractionaldifference.wordpress.com/
      And, in terms of general discussion, this is still my all-time favourite piece of music:
      Weird that it hasn't changed for nearly 25 years.
    • By purlieu
      Copypasting this from my FSOL news page...
      This year, Record Store Day partially follows the pattern of last year's staggered format, with two drops. The first is on 12th June, and this will include a record three releases by Dougans and Cobain. The first, and most interesting, is the latest in the series of re-imaginings of the band's '90s tracks. This time, We Have Explosive is in the chair, with a set of new re-interpretations of the track. Given that the last two releases have featured archival works among the new tracks, it's possible that tracks like 'Exploded Funk', 'Abandoned Housing Blocks of Prypiat' and 'Blue Green' may be among the tracks here, but in general expect a series of new tracks based around the band's second-most-famous piece. An expanded CD version a couple of weeks later is, at this point, a near certainty. Interestingly, the cover and given title lists no 'Re-Imagined' or '2021', as with previous releases.

      Secondly, The Amorphous Androgynous tease a forthcoming reissue of Alice in Ultraland with a 10" EP, with The World is Full of Plankton as the title track. The b-side will feature two as yet unknown tracks, apparently from the album too. This is clearly more for the collector, although taken on its own, it's really nice to see 'Plankton' get its dues as one of the finest compositions in the Dougans / Cobain ouvre. The album itself, of course, passed back into the band's posession last year at the end of their contract with Harvest; a reissue is overdue, and one hopes a bonus disc in the style of The Otherness will accompany it. No release details have been revealed for the reissue yet.

      The third and final release is the most curious: Accelerator is coming out again, this time on its 30th anniversary (the minor issue of J&P delayed the 1991 release until the start of 1992 notwithstanding). There are no details on the Record Store Day page (linking, annoyingly, to the WHE page), but the full listings have it down as a double LP, suggesting there'll be some extra material here (a 12-minutes-per-side 2020s style release seeming unlikely, given it being mixed to play as two gapless sides). One assumes it's likely to be a set of 'Papua New Guinea' remixes on the second disc - possibly the same set as the 2001 reissue, given a vinyl release at last - although given the amount of archived material being regularly uncovered over at 9LW, it's not impossible that we're getting a whole album of Accelerator-era outtakes. The cover provided is the same 'remixed' version from the 2016 RSD release, so it's not totally impossible that it's actually a 12" + 7" pack as we had then, simply mislabelled by the people at RSD. We're going to do some digging, but either way we'll find out in the next few weeks...
    • By auxien
      just happened across this YT channel that's basically just a trove of tape rips (mostly it seems at least) of DJ sets. clicked on a few and listening to this FSOL one right now: 
      and starting this Carl Cox mix right now it sounds wild:
      [edit: that bassline that comes in at 22:11 is so goddamned dirty. so many awesome synth lines all throughout this thing tho fuckin hell]
      anyway i imagine a lot of this is available elsewhere but i'm guessing there's definitely some in here that isn't. maybe dig and share some gems. seemed maybe worth its own topic for sharing ones from this channel and similar era rarities stuff in the same vein...archive.org probably has some up there as well.
    • By purlieu
      Music for 3 Books compiles all 17 tracks originally released as bonus digital EPs when purchasing the first three Ramblings of a Madman zines/mini books, released between 2017-2019. They're compiled here as an album, available digitally, and also as a CD pre-order, shipping on 15th March.
      The 2017-2020 Calendar Albums are also now available on Bandcamp as full releases. On each page is a pre-order for a vinyl release: "what was considered the best tracks have been selected from the 4 calendar albums and reassembled on the 180g vinyl", shipping on the same day.
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