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I thought maybe I could find potential users and other interested folks at this forum for my microtonal algorithmic all-in-one groovebox software that I've been developing last 4 years. It is a sort of community project where new features get added by user requests and feedback.


Here is an "official" press info about the software/app:




Dhalang Microtonal Groovebox is a standalone music software for easy and accessible use of alternative tuning systems in electronic music composition, production and performance. Dhalang offers internal synthesizers and samplers with multi-track mixing and effecting possibilities that can be controlled with internal sequencers, computer input or standard MIDI input. In addition to it’s traditional multi-track piano roll editing and sequencing, Dhalang also features several generative and algorithmic methods for more experimental sequencing of ((micro)tonal) music.

Features in short:

  • Various preset tuning systems and scales with a custom tuning editor.
  • Analog-style, physically modeled, additive and FM synthesis methods.
  • Multiple parts of monophonic and polyphonic synthesizers.
  • Audio Sampling with mini granulizer and audio data auto-slicing.
  • Many sequencer types; piano roll, control automation, vector, matrix and particle.
  • Mixer with four stereo buses and various sound effects.
  • Offline rendering of stereo and individual tracks, MIDI import and export.
  • Real-time MIDI input and output.
  • Network synchronization of various cross-platform Dhalang instances.
  • Many UI color themes and support for various languages.

Currently available for Mac OS X and iOS Tablets at App Store.

Free Lite version is the full software without saving, loading and midi functionalities.

for more detailed information, demo videos and more, visit Dhalang website




There has been a lot of discussion about Dhalang at the Audiobus forum, mostly by iOS users and I am looking the same with Mac users.

I am myself more of a Mac user but I don't really use other programs/systems than Logic and diy.


If this post is a too much of an advert, please tell me and I will change it or move it accordingly.








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Guest Chesney

I'm sure this will peak a few interests on here. Plug away.

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looks decent, will check this out

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Wait... Steam Greenlight for PC? Any reason this can't just be used as a purchased standalone EXE?

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I am currently processing Dhalang to be available from Microsoft Store (Windows 8 and Windows 10) as a standalone executable. Yeah, Steam Greenlight was a little far off, but I'm not (yet) very familiar with Windows distribution systems and currently I have no resources/time to build my own system for payments/licenses/updates/taxes/etc. 

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This looks cool. I'll try it out tonight

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