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MOST IDM - Semifinals!


Choose 1 in each...  

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    • Wearing headphones without listening to anything
    • Being botanically ignorant enough to unwittingly buy a plant that will engulf your entire room eventually
  2. 2. 2

    • Not being able to hold direct eye contact
    • Not spending time outside, but instead listening to music that portrays unusually spacious scenes

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Semifinals are FINALLY upon us.


This is a really unusual group of semifinalists this year!!



Just noticed that 3 topics are about NOT doing something, and the other is about NOT knowing something. So negative. So IDM.

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This is maybe the weakest line-up yet. For one thing, empty headphones & fear of eye contact are emogoth or something, not idm.


Rubber Johnny may be autistic, but he is also a legendary space pilot pissing in your cheerios


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Since when is IDM a subculture? It's first and foremost a stupid name to classify non-mainstream electronic music



lot of posts need to be fixt these days. Too many...

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*looks at choices available*







If wearing headphones while not listening to anything wins, I'm remixing Magic Window.


Yeah I guess if that one wins we could potentially have a noise/minimalism comp on our hands

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