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Rolando Simmons - Walk On Strawberries

Hail Sagan

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Not sure when it's slated for release but it could end up being his fifth release this year and it marks the first that 030303 records are putting out.  The psychedelic artwork is cool and seems strangely approriate. Also, I've never copped anything off of clone but does anyone know if that means a physical release will be a reality for this one? 


downloadable minimix:






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Thanks for the thread :) This looks to be out mid november on clone. Like the previous EP on 030303 this is vinyl + digital, and will be available at bleep, boomkat etc before long.


Cheers Kavinsky, glad you're not disappointed in me anymore, or at the moment at least.

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This wasn't here yesterday






lol, gotta admit it's funny. But absolutely not, I'm just a fan of the guy's music and am in no way connected to that label or RS so go fuck yourself you resentful hack.


By the way, who are you? ;)

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Prolly a mod, I'd assume delet considering his penchant for having the online temperament of an 80 year old jaded geezer mixed with an aggro-punk 14 year old brat. 


I love the tension the weird key's and key changes bring about in a few of the tracks. Real trippy. 

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