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the watmm GAS thread


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I am obsessed with reverbs, it's true. Especially cheap/crappy ones, but cheap nice ones are good too. 



I blame my friend who came over Thursday night for this last one, we spent a couple of hours just playing two guitars through a reclocked Behringer reverb with the clock rate all the way down and it set off my reverb GAS big time and then I got an eBay alert for a V-Verb at an acceptable price the next morning and couldn't resist.

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Anyone fucked with that Modal Skulpt? The more I ogle it, the better it looks. It seems like what I initially always volcas to be: a small-ish, battery-powered synth with a half-decent built-in sequencer, capable of getting a bit weird but good for making sketches. To be fair, volcas have good sequencers, but they're more of the primitive and rough-and-ready variety (except maybe the Kick and Drum?).

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Yeah the Skulpt looks and sounds really great. If I didn't already have tons of other pocket sized instruments I'd definitely get one.

My feeling as well, but I'm pretty dissatisfied with all of mine, so it might be time for me to clean house a bit and snag one.


In other news, I just ordered a TT-606.

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Just picked up a Korg ER-1, had a question.


Are there default transient clicks triggered on at least the first synth sound, that can't be removed? I've noticed that no matter what I do with the Mods, etc., that click is still front and center.


Manual mentions nothing about this.

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oooh I'm eternally tempted to get a TT-606. The only thing stopping me is how ugly the new ones are :P

I thought so at first too, but I came to actually like the look. Pretty much just the Cyclone logo is ugly, and I can cover that with a sticker. It's going to be nice to have something that's -just- a solid beatbox again. And the sequencer has tricks my Elektrons are gonna be jealous of.


Most of all, though, those silky smooth hi hats, baby.

When i think about a microfreak i think it would be cool, then i look at the youtube videos and this subsides

Yea, so bad!! No wonder MI doesn't want to be associated with it!
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I'm getting some new studio monitors soon. I'm using some cheap Tapco monitors that my friend gave me years ago. You couldn't dial in a mix on them to save your life so I'm not sure why I haven't replaced them yet.

After that I'm pretty sure I'm going to go into debt and get a DSI OB-6.

I've also been on the Cirklon waitlist for a year and a half so maybe that will happen soon too.

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^what are the new monitors you’re getting?


RSP: yeah on the V-Verb? Anything particularly impressive or unique about it?


Microfreak does look and sound interesting imo. Would be a great little weird thing in a mix, even if it’s pretty odd on its own.


I’m waiting for the Subharmonicon tho :)

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TT-606 is pretty lush. Sequencer not as freaky as I expected but very smooth workflow (e.g. quickest track/song mode I've ever used) and the sounds are crispy and buttery like fried chicken. Surprisingly the toms did not sound good through the BAM, but they have their own nice pseudo-reverb which wasn't obvious in the YouTube demos. It's got a lot of bounce, even swing off, and it begs for a buddy - thinking about what to pair with it... monologue, nanoloop, MnM, hmmm...

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RSP: yeah on the V-Verb? Anything particularly impressive or unique about it?



It's kind of a vague cliche but it just sounds EXPENSIVE.  I haven't even gotten to try the digital i/o seriously yet (waiting on cables - the only RCA to XLR cables I have are such wretched quality I'm couldn't get it to clock to my interface with them, although I did actually get it to run without sync for 3 or 4 minutes without any audible issues and it sounded great) but I haven't heard anything in the analog section that would stop me from using it (and since it has two engines available in series or parallel I'm going to hook the analog i/o up to a patchbay and the digital i/o up to my interface - it can also be configured to work as a stereo 24/96 interface if you rout the analog in to the digital out and switch it to bypass.  I haven't played around with the multiband compressor (just two bands) but Gearslutz opinion seems universally positive about that, for what it's worth.  The "gold plate" algorithm has four parallel delay lines for programming early reflection patterns from scratch.  The "graphic" mode changes the GUI into a sort of Waves RVerb style affair and is really useful.


Honestly for the price if it had nothing but one instance of the VVerb algorithm and analog i/o only it would still be well worth the used price and hassle of all the things on them that tend to fail (nothing hard to repair, but the capacitors in the power supply are under-specced and tend to fail early, the voltage regulator needs a heat sink, all of the ribbon connectors have hot glue all over them and a lot of people have had problems with the hot glue getting inside the headers and making the connections intermittent, and just this afternoon I saw a post from back in 2006 that mentioned the PCB ground is hooked up with a light gauge wire soldered through-hole and should be replaced with a heavier gauge... all stuff that's pretty straightforward but could trip people up, and probably contributed a lot to its bad sales since it wasn't uncommon for them to be nonfunctional out of the box).  It sounds that nice. Mine had cold solder joints on one of the outputs because of a previous repair that was badly done (the 1/4" jacks need a bit more force than most to plug a cable in, so they're probably another common failure point but easy enough to fix, plus it has XLR analog i/o, XLR digital that can be set to AES/EBU or SPIDF, and optical S/PDIF so there's really no reason to use the 1/4" jacks anyway).


Editing depth is comparable to Valhalla Room, but so far I find the interface more intuitive (and I generally find Valhalla's interfaces pretty nice).


Basically you get two REALLY nice sounding effects engines and a pretty decent 24/96 ADC for less than the cost of most pedals. It'll take a lot more time before I can really make a real assessment of it but so far I like the sound and interface as much as any reverb I've ever used, hardware or software.


Just read the two big hype threads about it that have been running for years and believe them (more or less), because it really is that good:







EDIT: the KVR thread degenerated into people literally saying "you're dumb!" "no, you're dumb!" by the end of page 1 so it's a fun read regardless, if you're very bored at work and kind of enjoy reading petty, 15 year old arguments (I do).


More here: https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=143121

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What about the behringer virtualizer 3D fx2000?


Never used one, but nobody seems to care about it much for what that's worth.  I have a Virtualizer Pro and I like it for a lot of things but it's not even close to the V-Verb for sound quality or editability.  I do really like it for some things though.


Supposedly the V-verb algorithms are in at least one of their later digital mixers but I don't know if the editability is there or not.


Anyway, plug in reverb has gotten a lot better since the v-verb was current and there's a lot more out there in terms of relatively inexpensive hardware reverbs that are still good (and floating point calculations are a lot more common, I think a big part of what made it stand out back when it was new is that it was using 32 bit floating point math at a time when most hardware was still using 24 bit fixed point at best), but I think this thing can hold its own with anything I've tried.  I got it to be a sort of clean, lifelike counterpoint to the OTO BAM and it's perfect for that - it's easily as good as the BAM but it has a very different character and I don't feel like either one is redundant, but between the two I've got a really wide variety of classy sounding reverb in hardware.


The cables I need to hook it up via S/PDIF should be here by Tuesday, so I'll see about recording some demos of it with analog synths and drum machines next week.



EDIT: oh, and I hadn't actually read the whole KVR thread before so I didn't know what a complete clusterfuck it turned into, there's really not much useful in it.


Also I forgot to mention that the V-Verb algorithm in the V-Verb is multiband, with three adjustable crossover points and decay time multipliers for each band.  Which is something I see a lot more in software than in hardware (not that I've had any hands on experience with really high end, multi thousand dollar hardware reverbs like the stuff everyone is arguing about in those KVR threads), but even in software it's usually a simpler two band arangement with a single multiplier for the low band.

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Behringer just announced a Eurorack case (104HP).

Not sure of the quality, because I guess there's a reason for the high prices of most cases... But that one might finally decide me on building a small FX system !

Looks pretty decent. Doesn't look like it's got any openings anywhere for power cables etc, though I guess you could use one of the front-feeding power supplies (uZeus or similar) to keep things compact. Also I wonder if it can be opened to add extra sliding nuts—not that it's likely it'd fit more than 26 modules, but hey, good to have that option!


In terms of quality, not sure if I can really talk about that, as my current Euro setup is just some Elby Designs rails screwed into a little box I found at Savers, haha. Works well though!

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