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the watmm GAS thread


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1 hour ago, sweepstakes said:

Yeah it was the Australians. They didn't pay him for his work during the last few years of his life and after he died they refused to pay hospice, etc. bills to his mourning family, which led to an ugly legal battle which I don't think has been completely resolved. I don't have the complete story but it's ugly.

Tiptop does seem legit, though, and if it's being owned/controlled by reputable folks now, well, that's great news.

Yes @nikisokois right , the company is not owned by the same people nowadays. 

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On 9/14/2021 at 10:14 PM, auxien said:


going for that vaporwave crowd


little bit of sounds so far are good....heard mostly good out of Dreadbox in the past, but this one, particularly at that price, could be really interesting.

The visual design is awesome 

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On 9/11/2021 at 8:22 PM, frankbooth said:

Never owned an amp, borrowed my brother-in-law's (an acoustic guitar amp) to zen out with my 606, loved having the larger sound, he needed it back, and now I want my own.  I know little about audio quality, and obviously doing nothing extraordinary here.  What's cheap but serviceable?  Noob q, I know...

I’d get a cheap but decent bass amp like a peavey or fender. Probably at least a 12”, in the $2-300 range. I use a decent Fender bass amp (for my bass) and it works awesome with my 606. 

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I just want better stands and better/longer cables (or one of those Cat5e digital stage boxes for my interface, so I can put a 16x8 i/o panel on the far side of the room for convenience, but they're pretty expensive and getting one would mean selling some of the gear I need it for).  Haven't had any interest in new instruments or effects or software or anything in a year or two, I just want to make what I have more practical to use.


I did buy a Behringer vibrato pedal when it was on sale for $19 a few months ago, but otherwise not even paying attention.


Maybe in a year or so after I've settled in from moving and spent some real time with the new setup I'll sell off some stuff that doesn't get enough use and  use the money to buy a Hydrasynth desktop module or something, but for now I can't really see myself adding anything new unless I make it.

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