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the watmm GAS thread


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45 minutes ago, modey said:

Max/MSP seems a little unstable in terms of timing on my M1 Mac Mini, perhaps there are some settings I need to tweak.

make sure overdrive is enabled and audio interrupt is on. you timing accuracy will be based on the signal vector size. smaller is more accurate but more cpu intensive. there’s been some recent work to make sure that audio rate sequencing is sample accurate, i’d check recent blog posts on cycling74.com

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Ah, I tweaked some settings and it seems fine now. I/O vector size was on 2048; it performs much better at 32. 

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Almost 6,000 euros though.  I don't know how accordionists deal with it.


The last cheap accordion I saw in a shop was $100 in the mid 90s, and it had been salvaged off of a beach after someone on a fishing boat threw it overboard so it was barely even playable.


At least accordions aren't modular.

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