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Aphex Twin playing at Field Day London (03-06-17)

Herr Jan

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exclusive record vs needing to lug a record around all day at a festival




probably sold out by the time i arrive anyway lolle

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I'm really sad i couldn't make it out there today, i hope you guys have the time of your life. I know i did in Houston.

I have a good rip of my Day for Night record (16-bit WAV and MP3) if anyone wants to swap rips of their Field Day record ;)

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If there is a new vinyl or whatever can someone grab a copy for me...


Will obviously make it worth your while...

If there does end up being a Vinyl sale at the event and you're serious about it i'll rememeber to buy 2.


Wonder if I'll run into some of u wankers tomorrow.




Who's fuckin' idea was it to have FlyLo and Aphex perform less than 1hr apart from each other at separate stages???

I am serious about it.. Monies waiting...

I was about to get 2 but the Warp guys at the stand told me 1 p.p. I'll see if one of my mates is willing to get one for you.

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