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out [email protected]

This is the story of a nameless astronaut, drifting alone in the vast emptiness of space. No window to return home, although every world he is visiting could be one...
A living stasis, with all hope lost. All that endures are his thoughts and the fleeting memories of another life... A time when love and hope still remained in his heart.

Each artist on this album has recorded their own interpretation of this tale, inspired by their own unique experiences and imagination. Combined with you, the listener, they form the complete story.
Feelings like loneliness, longing and love are often hard to translate into words. Perhaps that is why music is so close to our hearts. It resonates within all of us and speaks the words we don't always know how to share.
I hope you enjoy listening to this record as much as I enjoyed compiling it.
-Vagon Brei.


Limited to 300 copies. Black 180gr vinyl.
Artwork by Kilian Eng.
Sketches inner sleeve by Kilian Eng
mastered by Alek Stark

Music by:

A1. Alek Stark vision
A2. Segerfalk vision
A3. Legowelt vision
A4. Elektrobopacek vision
A5. Carbon Based Lifeforms vision

B1. Kettel vision
B2. Dmx Krew vision
B3. Sterre vision
B4. 36 vision
B5. Vagon Brei vision


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Man I love a good arp. Ordered!


edit: or not, Paypal doesn't like Bandcamp atm...


edit: "error with paypal, return to merchant" message is all I get. :/ Will try to buy another time.

Edited by Bechuga
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